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Our School of Career & Corporate Training Programs are ready to get you trained quickly and aligned with the credential that is right for you!  The programs below will allow you to accelerate forward down the path to enhance and help with a new career.  Programs marked with a Fast Forward Eligible are eligible for the FastForward program.


Basic Manufacturing

Fast Forward Eligible Basic Manufacturing: The Basic Manufacturing Skills course is the Manufacturing Skills Institutes' MT1 credentialing training. It is a highly specialized course based on the techniques found in high performance manufacturing and production. Instruction focuses on the critical actions, knowledge, systems, and processes necessary to participate in an advanced manufacturing enterprise. Participants develop high performance skills through demonstrations, lectures, self-paced studies, labs, technical presentations, critical thinking, problem solving, and individual/group activities in order to demonstrate the core set of skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for sustained careers in the high performance-manufacturing environment. This course is the pre-requisite to Manufacturing Maintenance for the Industrial Maintenance Program series. Earn a Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Certification (MTI)!

Lean 1: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Lean 1: Creating a Culture of Innovation: Problem solving skills are critical in today’s workplace!  Lean 1: Creating a Culture of Innovation, is a must-take course for all formal and informal leaders concerned with problem solving and establishing a culture of innovation.  After a quick overview of Lean foundations and history, workshop participants will dive into Lean leadership and how to make cultural changes by integrating Lean practices into any industry.  Engage in hands-on activities, learn Lean thinking concepts, Lean principals, and learn techniques for improving processes.  Learn to recognize waste, analyze a process, create solutions, and implement improvements.  Begin your transformation into a Lean thinker and leader! 

Maintenance Technician

Fast Forward Eligible Maintenance Technician: Manufacturing Maintenance is the central course in the 4-course Industrial Maintenance Technician Program. Students are prepared for entry-level Industrial Maintenance Technician positions who utilize the skills learned to repair and maintain large and complex machines. If successful, students will earn an OSHA card, Siemens Mechatronics Systems Certificate Program Level 1 Certificate (SMSCP), and will take the Bennett Mechanical Assessment.

Machining: Milling Operator

Fast Forward Eligible Milling Operator: The Machining - Milling Operator course is a hands-on course where you will learn the fundamentals of using a milling machine in a manufacturing environment. You will learn part set up, drilling, taping, boring, cutting keyways and other operations as well as basic CNC program editing. Instruction will also include shop safety, math and measurement for precision machining, and how to interpret drawings, including views, notations, symbols, dimensioning and tolerances.  Credentials:  Students completing the course will sit for the NIMS (National Institute of Metalworking Skills) CNC Milling: Operator, Level 1 exam.

Machining: Turning Operator

Fast Forward Eligible Turning Operator: The Machining - Turning Operator course offers instruction on both manual and CNC operated lathes. You will learn facing, turning, drilling, turning angles and other operations as well as basic CNC program editing. Also included in instruction is machining math, Blueprint reading, and dimensioning and toleranceing.  Credentials: Students completing the course will sit for the NIMS (National Institute of Metalworking Skills) Level 1 Turning Operator exam. Successful completion of the course and credential, along with completion of the Machining-Milling course and credential will qualify students for entry-level machinist jobs with a beginning salary of $15-$20 per hour. 

Welding & AWS Qualifications: Welding - FCAW

Fast Forward Eligible Welding - FCAW: Students will learn Flux-Core Arc Welding (FCAW) methods. FCAW processes allow for high quality, versatility, out-of-position welding capability. FCAW processes are used by manufacturers, industry and in construction.  Credentials: If successful, students will earn an American Welding Society Qualification and D1.1 Structural Bridge Code for FCAW welding methods. Upon course completion, welding coupons will be inspected by a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).

Welding & AWS Qualifications: Welding - GMAW

Fast Forward Eligible Welding - GMAW: Students will learn Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) methods. GMAW processes are used by industry, maintenance repair and hobbyists. GMAW is fast and economical and is used for welding thin-gauge metal as well as heavy plate. Credentials: If successful, students will earn an American Welding Society Qualification for GMAW welding methods. Upon course completion, welding coupons will be inspected by a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).


Automotive On-Ramp: Basic Skills for General Service (Tire) Technicians

Automotive On-Ramp: Basic Skills for General Service (Tire) Techncians: This is a non-credit training program aimed for participants who do not have previous automotive training. The purpose of the course  is to introduce the student to the automotive career pathway. Students are provided with the basic skills needed to be successful in a high performance automotive environment. This class presents shop practices for automotive laboratory and shop safety, identification and use of hand tools, general power equipment and maintenance of automotive shop.  The goals include providing job readiness skills needed in the automotive industry, regular application of common shop safety practices, the transfer of basic automotive service skills such as tire services and basic vehicle preventive maintenance, and the cooperative reinforcement of these skills through job-based practice. Designed for adults with limited automotive service experience. Successful graduates will be ready for employment as a general service (tire, battery, lube) technician.

Basic Contractor's Pre-Licensing Class

Basic Contractor's Pre-Licensing Class: This is a pre-licensing class for a Class A, B, or C Contractor's license in Virginia. This 8-hour course is designed to provide a basic look at the statutes and regulations that govern contractor licensing in Virginia, including a review of the different types of licenses available and the qualifications for each, including Standards of Practice, Prohibited Acts and How to Avoid Violations of the Regulations.  After successfully passing this course, students are qualified to take the PSI test for licensure. Students must schedule the PSI test directly with PSI Examination Services.  This course has been approved by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), Board for Contractors.

Tradesman License Renewal: Electrical, Gas, HVAC, & Plumbing

Tradesman License Renewal: Electrical, Gas, HVAC & Plumbing: The VA Board of Contractors requires journeymen, master plumbers, electricians, HVAC mechanics and gas fitters to take continuing education hours specific to their trade as part of the licensing process. Those renewing a license must take continuing education in their respective profession:

  • Plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians must take 3 hours of CE in their field.
  • Gas fitters must take 1 hour: the 1-hour class for gas-fitters is intended for journeymen and master gas fitters, liquified petroleum and natural gas fitters.

Each course covers new definitions, code changes, general requirements, impact on the job, general use of and special equipment included in the respective codes.

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