Complete this short survey, be entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card!  Congratulations to Francesca Walker, last month’s winner!

Virginia Western is working on many projects to strengthen our learning environment. Your input helps us identify ways to improve, and enables us to evaluate whether our changes make a difference.

Our current mini-survey focuses on student success, transportation options, and the recent Scavenger Hunt.  This survey, at , will remain open through Friday November 17th.

We had fun setting up a scavenger hunt across campus, and hope you had fun, too!  Did you have a chance to participate?

Building a new STEM building (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) brings exciting opportunities to campus, but makes parking a little tight for now.  Would access to other transportation options help you?

What are we doing really right for student success?  How could we make things better?

Your feedback is important.  What did we learn from last month’s survey?

  • – 30% of respondents experienced some difficulty in registering for classes.  We are actively working on streamlining registration processes for next fall.
  • – Nearly half of respondents met with an advisor before registration.  Did you know that meeting with your faculty advisor can qualify you for early registration?  Look for these opportunities in the spring!
  • – Of those who had used the tuition payment plan, more than 80% said it was easy to use and met their needs.  Virginia Western continually works to keep your costs affordable.

Help make a difference.  Complete the mini-survey now at .

Results of last year’s mini-surveys are available on the college website at .