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September 29, 2016 – SSC Governance & Future Services

As we move towards October, the SSC continues to transition colleges into the Time Administration and Calendar Processing workflows. As with any new process, bumps are being smoothed out and feedback is being collected with an eye towards improving not only these processes, but future service transitions. The intention is for all colleges to have completed this first transition by the end of October.

While these initial services are transitioning, work is continuing to define the governance structure for the SSC and conversations regarding future service transitions are ongoing.


SSC Governance

From the beginning, we’ve shared that the SSC will be developed in a shared governance framework. All of our colleges and the system office will share in the responsibility for providing oversight to the services, programs, projects and operations of the SSC. This will be accomplished through a structure of councils, each with defined responsibility.

  • SSC Executive Council – comprised of seven members to include five College Presidents (representing different regions and college size) and two Vice-Chancellors from the system office. This council is charged with setting the strategic direction for the SSC, ensuring alignment with VCCS priorities and mission and holding the SSC accountable for performance against agreed-upon metrics.
  • Management Council – comprised of one representative from each college, three system office representatives and one senior SSC representative. This council is charged with making decisions/recommendations for where to invest funding for service initiatives, reviewing/approving Process Council recommendations for change, seeking continuous improvement through review and modification of policies and processes and facilitating communication across the councils and within each college/office.
  • Process Councils – comprised of subject matter experts for the specific process being discussed. These councils are charged with assessing current workflows to promote smarter, faster and cheaper processes that can be aligned throughout the VCCS. The Process Councils will submit requests for initiative funding to the Management Council, propose changes to already-implemented processes and policies (when appropriate) and facilitate effective communication with the Management Council and the system at-large.

Membership, roles and responsibilities for each respective council are being finalized.


Future Services

The SSC Implementation Team is continuing conversations around high-value, customer-facing processes that are intended to transition to the service center. These conversations continue to be broad in nature and the team has indicated that key stakeholder groups will receive additional communication with a general description, high-level processes and implementation details as they are available. These processes include procure-to-pay, travel and expense, collections and hire-to-retire.

Some of these are large processes. Please be assured that the SSC team is NOT attempting to transition the full life cycle of something like hire-to-retire all at once. Using that as an example, work is ongoing to develop a process map for the different touch-points throughout an employee’s time with us, including what work is/should be done by what entity (college, system office, SSC, etc.) and best practices. When it comes time for implementation, portions of the process will be carefully selected and transitioned over a planned period. It makes sense to understand the big picture, but there is recognition that implementation needs to occur in smaller, more manageable pieces.


SSC Positions

The SSC is continuing to actively recruit with all positions being advertised through the VCCS employment page at


As always, if you have questions or would simply like to share feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are in a ‘middle space’ right now where conversations may be fast and furious, but action and details are limited as the SSC works through initial implementation for other colleges. When the action picks back up, more frequent updates will pick back up as well. In the meantime, please share what you’re hearing, what you’re thinking and what comments/questions you have. Your feedback is valuable not only to me, but also to the broader SSC team.

Posted on September 29, 2016

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