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July 11, 2016 – Transition Details for July 25th

As you’ll recall from prior communications, we are gearing up to be part of the first set of colleges to go live with Time Administration and Calendar Processing via the SSC. Virginia Western, along with Blue Ridge, New River and the System Office, will kick off these new processes on July 25th. So… what does that mean? Here’s a breakdown:

Time Administration

  • The SSC will schedule and run the processes each payroll period.
  • The SSC will monitor exceptions and communicate anything impeding the ability to generate payable time.
  • The SSC will also monitor and notify managers of time still needing approval.
  • Employees will continue to enter time into the system as they do today; managers will continue to access the system to approve time as they do today. These processes are not changing.

Calendar Processing (Leave Requests)

  • The SSC will maintain awareness of pending leave requests, including those that are still unapproved and where insufficient balances may exist.
  • Prior to calendar processing, the SSC will notify managers of leave requests still awaiting approval. The SSC will also notify employees if a leave request has been submitted that requires a modification/change.
  • The SSC will process calendars semi-monthly, ensuring updates to leave balances.
  • Employees will continue to enter leave requests into the system as they do today; managers will continue to approve leave requests as they do today. These processes are not changing.

In a nutshell, this transition should be mostly seamless to you. You may see communications from the SSC as opposed to our college Payroll or HR offices, but the processes you follow are not changing at this time. The first group of colleges will complete two full payroll cycles before the next group of colleges is transitioned, in order to have time to collect feedback and/or assess the transition. Colleges are slated to transition in region-based groupings, with the last group transitioning with the October 25th cycle.

In addition to taking the first two processes live, the SSC continues to actively recruit and interview for positions needed to ramp up services, with postings in HR, procurement, time and labor and operational management. All positions are advertised through the VCCS employment page at Kathy Metts, the SSC Director introduced in the last update, is leading the center in the development of staffing and transition plans.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments. Your feedback is welcome, and vital to both the initial and longer-term success of our relationship with the SSC.

Posted on July 11, 2016

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