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April 28, 2016 – What’s all of the BUZZ about?

While you will continue to receive highlights from the Shared Services Center initiative here, I want to ensure that you are also aware of a centralized website that contains updates and information directly from the implementation team.


Buzz offers a way for workgroups to share ideas, information and updates across colleges in a secure manner. The SSC implementation team is using Buzz, and continues to update the site with new information. Some of you may already be familiar with Buzz. For those of you who are not, the following steps will get you started. To reach the SSC team home page:

Once you have successfully logged in, this link will take you directly to the main page for the SSC initiative. Take a few minutes and explore the team site. Some information will be repetitive and some will be new, as I will consistently highlight key messages, progress and outcomes through our own website, our leaders and the Daily Bulletin. Buzz is a fantastic supplement to my communications, and may provide additional detail. It’s a great resource – let’s use it!

Currently on Buzz, you may see:

  • A visual representation of the mission of the SSC, describing the big picture and what it will take to make the center successful.
  • A presentation with detail on workgroups and membership
  • Status updates, objectives and implementation team structure
  • FAQs and methods to reach the implementation team directly with additional questions
  • A link to The VCCS Grapevine – helping to dispel rumors and misconceptions

Buzz will not replace my targeted communications and commitment to keeping you informed as this initiative progresses. As always, I want you to feel comfortable sharing your questions and concerns with me. Please let me know what you’re thinking and hearing… if you have a question, odds are that you’re not the only one!

Thanks for all that you do – and stay tuned!

Posted on April 28, 2016

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