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Shared Services Center to be located in Botetourt County

Good afternoon,

I am very pleased to announce that a lease has been signed and the official announcement has been made by the Chancellor – the Shared Services Center for the VCCS will be located in Botetourt County. This is wonderful news for our region and our college. With the location finalized, work will begin in earnest to smooth out all of the details of the transition plan. In his announcement, the Chancellor made the following comments:

The VCCS Shared Services Center (SSC) will be located in Botetourt County. I signed the lease and announced the decision this morning to the State Board for Community Colleges during its regular March meeting. I wanted to share the information with you, and your college communities, as quickly as possible.

 As you know, the SSC is the cornerstone of our larger shared services effort to assist your colleges. We believe, and research has demonstrated, that our colleges and system office collectively spend too many man-hours and too much money on administrative functions. Relocating those functions to an SSC will allow us to do that work, faster and cheaper. Most importantly, it will allow us to better serve our students.

 Like so many of you, I dedicated my career to community college education because of the opportunities it created for me as a young, timid and overwhelmed student years ago. The fiscal realities of our time demand we think differently today; the needs of our students compel us to work differently today; and the technologies that we can harness allow us to operate differently today. At the end of it all, however, shared services is about positioning our colleges to serve more of those timid and overwhelmed students and to serve them better. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

As the Chancellor noted, we are positioning ourselves to better serve our students using innovative and thoughtful strategies – a perfect match for our own vision of being a forward-thinking Community College inspiring individual, community and economic transformation. Jennifer Pittman, our AVP of Human Resources, is our college contact and will be sharing additional information next week. In the meantime, let’s celebrate this announcement as positive forward movement for our service area and our college community.

Thank you.

Robert H. Sandel, Ed.D.


Posted on March 22, 2016

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