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March 23, 2016 SSC Update – Process Groups

We have a location! You all received Dr. Sandel’s email announcement that the Shared Services Center (SSC) will be located in our service region in Botetourt County. I would like to echo his sentiment that this is wonderful news for our region and our college.

As we move through the spring, preparation for opening the Shared Services Center (SSC) continues as multiple work groups continue to assess and more clearly define the intent of the SSC. The organizational transition workgroup is focused on developing, and later delivering, toolkits for organizational change management and workforce transition planning. Process workgroups continue to dig into the details of the various process that are being considered for transition to the SSC. These workgroups include:

Wave One Processes Wave Two Processes
Travel Payroll
Talent Acquisition Procurement
Time & Labor/Absence Management
HR Help Desk/Call Center

There is also a workgroup focused on technology and resource readiness – this group is charged with determining the requirements for technology solutions that will support the future state of the SSC, across all of the process groups.

Keep in mind that this is a multi-year project plan with multiple waves built in, both for overarching processes (such as Talent Acquisition) and the smaller components that make up this process. For example, when the SSC opens, it is not expected that everything having to do with talent acquisition will immediately transition. Instead, the SSC will start small with taking on specific tasks like background checks and employment verifications. Additional tasks/processes will be phased in over time, as the support technology is available and work flows have been defined.

The vision of the SSC is to provide Shared Ownership. Shared Governance. Shared Value. With the ability to reduce/remove many of our paper-oriented processes, the SSC intends to provide the colleges with the ability to focus on people, not paper… to put our energy into our mission of serving students and the community. Take a look at the Journey Map document at This visual representation of the key focuses for the SSC provides a developing picture for how the center will materialize.

As processes and timelines are finalized, more information will be available and I will share it with you. In the meantime, please let me know what questions you have and what you’re hearing across campus. As I said in my initial email, it will be vital to have information flowing both ways throughout this process.

The Implementation Steering Committee has developed a general email address that is open to all VCCS employees with questions or comments about the Shared Services Center. In addition to utilizing me as a communication point, please feel free to email the committee directly at

Thank you… and stay tuned!

Posted on March 23, 2016

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