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Celebrating 25 years of the Community Arboretum at Virginia Western

It’s hard today to picture Colonial Avenue without the colorful flowerbeds at the Community Arboretum at Virginia Western lining the road. There was a time, though, when those two-acres were nothing but a grassy knoll.

May 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the arboretum, which was designed to serve both horticulture students and the wider Roanoke community as a place to understand “botanical relationships, ecological processes and sustainable horticulture practices,” according to its mission statement.

Lee Hipp, who served as director of the horticulture department from 1978 to 2010, gives much of the credit for the arboretum’s existence to his students. In the early 1980s, Hipp regularly led the members of Virginia Western’s newly formed horticulture club on field trips to first-rate gardens around the Mid-Atlantic, like the Duke Gardens and The United States National Arboretum.

“The students, after seeing these gardens, just naturally asked the question, ‘Why don’t we have a public educational garden in the Roanoke area?’ ” Hipp recalls. “I thought that was a good question and one that needed addressing.”

Hipp had also followed the progress of the public garden at North Carolina State University, his alma matter, which was created by famed horticulturist J.C. Raulston in the mid 1970s. “He transformed that 10 acres into an incredible garden which now is internationally acclaimed,” Hipp says. “It was a motivation to me to make sure it could happen for Roanoke.”

Hipp shepherded an exploratory committee of students and later one with horticulturists and other influencers from the Roanoke Valley to look at creating an arboretum on the campus. Hipp also approached Virginia Western’s president for permission.

“There wouldn’t be a garden out there if it wasn’t for Charles Downs, who had the foresight to approve this idea,” Hipp says. “He could have easily said, ‘No, we can’t afford that’ or ‘The maintenance will be too high.’ ”

After Downs gave a thumb’s up, Hipp had to get the green light from the Virginia Western Community College Local Advisory Board. “They approved the idea to let us use that two acres provided we raise the money to build it, plant it and take care of it,” he says.

In 1984, Selena Pedersen, one of Hipp’s students, donated $10,000 to have the arboretum shade garden named in honor of her mother, Emille Knight Stone. She was the project’s first donor.

That money allowed Hipp to hire Robert McDuffie, landscape architect and associate professor emeritus of horticulture at Virginia Tech, to create a conceptual master plan, which Hipp used to show prospective donors what he envisioned.

“I had my little dog-and-pony show I took around to dozens of organizations to tell them about what we hoped to do,” Hipp says. “Most of them ended up getting on board and making financial contributions.”

Students and members of the community worked for nearly a decade to cobble together $150,000 to build the arboretum. “It all came together,” Hipp says. “There was higher power watching over it. I promise you.”

Getting to know the arboretum

The Community Arboretum at Virginia Western is free and open to the public daily, from sunrise to sunset. More than 700 plant species divided into 11 unique collections can be found here.

Clark BeCraft, who took over as coordinator of Virginia Western’s horticulture department and the arboretum in 2014, didn’t hesitate when asked to name his favorite section of the collections. BeCraft pointed to the Children’s Garden, which offers a plan “zoo” that’s home to 70 different plants with animal names. When giving tours of the garden to children, volunteers will frequently organize a scavenger hunt where kids identify plants like the elephant ear, the ostrich fern and zebra grass. Two hundred yews make up a children’s maze, which can keep preschoolers entertained for a solid hour. BeCraft’s own two small children enjoy visiting the goldfish in this garden’s pond. “They love coming to dad’s work,” he says.

Tonya Harper, a Master Gardener who volunteers at the arboretum for several hours each week, is drawn to the center of garden.

“What I really love the most are the trees. Especially the River Birch,” she says, gesturing to the white trees which ring a grassy ellipse. “I think they’re a focal point.”

The Sensory Garden is a point of pride for Anne Piedmont, who sits on the advisory council for the arboretum. This garden is named in honor of Nora Downing Wright, who enjoyed the arboretum in her 90s, even after macular degeneration caused her to lose her vision on top of the hearing impairment she had coped with for most of her life. Accessible to those in wheelchairs, the garden is designed to stimulate all of the senses. Visitors can touch the soft leaves of the lamb’s ear plants, listen to the sounds of water bubbling in the fountain and smell strategically placed herbs.

The arboretum’s newest addition is the City Garden, which was dedicated in 2013 and designed to showcase solutions to common problems urban homeowners face, such as sloping lawns and limited space. “People can take ideas from it to use,” says Piedmont.

The arboretum’s 11 collections stay in tip-top shape because of the efforts of about 25 volunteers, many of them Master Gardeners like Harper. In 2017, volunteers logged about 1,000 hours of work, according to BeCraft.

“What they do for us is very valuable,” he says. “There’s no way we could pay someone to come in and do all they do and stay afloat financially.”

While the arboretum was designed for the community, Virginia Western horticulture students certainly benefit from having it on campus. They can often be found in the gardens, which are used as living laboratories. Students who want to earn a Horticulture Technology Career Studies Certificate must complete a 75-hour internship that’s spent working in the gardens or the greenhouse.

“It’s definitely used as a learning tool,” BeCraft says.

The next 25 years

When BeCraft meets new people and they hear about his job, they’ll often share an arboretum story. Maybe they attended a lovely, intimate wedding in the gazebo or took their prom pictures in the Conifer Garden. Other times, they’ll mention enjoying the flowerbeds while driving down Colonial Avenue.

In those cases, BeCraft asks whether they’ve seen the rest of the two-acre garden? “They’ll say, ‘What? There’s more than those flowers?’ ” he says, gently shaking his head.

To make sure everyone is aware of all the arboretum has to offer, BeCraft now sets up booths at garden events around town, like the Greater Roanoke Home and Garden Show and the Buchanan Garden Festival. “We want to let people know that we’re a whole two acres of plant collections and that we offer wonderful educational opportunities,” he says.

Recently, members of the Arboretum’s advisory council have had discussions about how both the majority of the Arboretum supporters and the volunteer staff are retired. Many of these folks became passionate about the arboretum when it was first being built.

A new generation of arboretum supporters need to be recruited.

“One of my goals for the future is to involve more young professionals and families in the arboretum,” BeCraft says. “The way to do that is to have more educational opportunities for them and more activities for children.”

How to help the Arboretum

The Community Arboretum’s day-to-day operational expenses are supported in part by its popular plant sales. Horticulture students and members of the volunteer staff grow many of the plants sold.

  • Perennial Sale: early April
  • Vegetable and annual sale: late April
  • Fall accents, perennial and pansy sale: late September
  • Poinsettia sale: early December

Support also comes from the Community Arboretum Fund at the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation. Donors receive early-bird access to plant sales, discounts on seminars, workshops and the annual garden tour, and a newsletter.


To learn more about how you can support the Community Arboretum Fund, go to virginiawestern.edu/arboretum or call (540) 857-6388.








470 Roanoke Valley students earn CCAP for Fall 2018

Virginia Western’s Community College Access Program (CCAP) is making college possible this fall for 470 recent graduates of Roanoke Valley high schools.

The Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation, a nonprofit affiliated with Virginia Western Community College, raises support for CCAP through a public/private funding partnership. CCAP provides up to three years of tuition for high school graduates who meet program requirements, as funding allows. Since 2008, more than 2,500 Roanoke Valley students have participated in the program.

Current high school seniors interested in CCAP for Fall 2019 should contact their guidance counselor and/or plan to bring their parents or guardians to an upcoming information session held at 6:30 p.m. on these dates at Virginia Western’s Fralin Center for Health Professions Multipurpose Meeting Room 208: Nov. 13, Dec. 6, Jan. 17. An information session is also scheduled on Oct. 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the Greenfield Educational & Training Center in Botetourt County.

The CCAP application for fall 2018 admission opened Oct. 1, 2018, and closes Feb. 1, 2019.

To stay up-to-date on CCAP news, see www.virginiawestern.edu/ccap. Sign up for important CCAP updates about application deadlines, financial aid workshops and more by texting “CCAP2019” to 31996. (Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help; message and data rates apply.)

The following are CCAP students for Fall 2018:



Alexis Anthony, Madison Bowen, Shae Bryant, Skyler Camper, Matthew Clemons, Allena Curtis, Abe Diviney, Adam Downey, William Duke, Hannah Elias, Frederick Elliott, Marissa Falls, Sara Faust, Eric Filer, Brady Firestone, Brycen Ford, Bryson Gray, Mikayla Grooms, Martha Guffey, Cameron Hale, Hunter Harless, Kyle Hayslett, Mckinzee Hoose, Catelyn Hoyt, Rachel Kickuth, Aaron King, Emma Layman, Ethan Loving, William McAllister, Daniel Peters, Bryson Sanchez, Riley Sartorius, Allison Smith, Samantha Vaughn and Abigale Wentworth


Delaney Alls, Kylie Angel, Raven Beckner, Kristopher Call, Anastaysia Conrad, Dylan Enslow, Emily Faust, Blair Grim, Sarah Jones, David Kreyling, Brittany Lyle, Austin Metz, Timothy Morejon, Tyler Mundy, Glenn Murray, Madison Poole, Morgan Ratcliffe, Hailey Rochay, Erik Swortzel and Amanda Wright



Dalton Frango, Cody Hutchinson, Andrew Kendall, Alison Maguire, Erin Maguire and Leighann Pallette


Morgan Caldwell and Maddy Jones



Mackenzie Akers, Hannah Arrington, Alexys Bailey, Gideon Bernard, Logan Burgess, Elizabeth Burrell, Katelynn Bush, Christopher Carter, Renee Cundiff, India Falke, Delaney Forbes, Jillena Guilliams, Paige Haddock, Taylor Hale, Jordan Hall, Sydney Hamilton, Donovan Hartman, Brittani Hatch, Amber Hodges, Jesse Hodges, Daniel Hoffman, Emily Howell, Benjamin Hudson, Peyton Ingram, Gabriel Johnson, Taylor Ledbetter, Emilia Martinez, Riley McCranie, Austin Mills, Alexis Moore, Tyler Nelson, Kira Pasquale, Sadie Pasquale, Jalen Patterson, Rachel Power, Savanna Reed, Alexander Smith, Marimar Spangler, Brianna StClair, Ashley Stubbs, Emily Stubbs, Dylan Taylor, Zachary Tincher, Gage Washburn, Sherman Witcher and Kennedy Young


Kyle Adams, Logan Akers, Amelia Bousman, Grace Burrows, Anna Kate Carter, Joshua Cooper, Tyler Craghead, Megan Diggs, Jacob Eames, Sara Flora, Brooke Garman, Raejon Hampton, Mykah Heaslip, Victoria Hillard, Jacob Hodges, Jordon Hodges, Reagan Hunley, Hannah Ingram, Cameron Janney, Autumn Jennings, Preston Kesler, Brooke MacPherson, Terrell Preston, Jonas Reilly, Sarah Richards, Anna Richardson, Madison Robertson, Lydia Sarbin, Jordan Talley, Amanda Tolman, Paula Torres, Emily Trail, Rachel VanNess, Bailey Vaughan, Melody Vogelsong, Frances Wampler, Grayson Washburn, Breanna Wheeling and Morgan Wood



Njoud Alhamad, Cesia Alvarado Tejada, William Angle, Roger Basham, Shaun Basham, Evin Bowman, Uniquah Brown, Micah Burks, Tyler Burns, Kynara Butler, Brooke Carver, Karen Castaneda, Lydia Christopher, Kayla Clark, Baylee Cooper, Maria Cortes, Samantha Coy, Tulasha Dahal, Maci Daniels, Hannah Dean, Marcia Dewitt, Debby Diaz, Monse Diaz, Rebecca Drumheller, Alissa Edwards, Angel Garcia, Bosimah Gentles, Valentino Lucas¬† Green, Jud-Ernst Guillaume, Kenneth Guthrie, Jonathon Halferty, Jannet Hernandez Ortiz, Antonio Hernandez, Brandon Hernandez, Tamara Hill, William Hobbs, A’Seanta Hodnett, Zachary Howell, Habibo Isse, Nia Johnson, Madeline Jones, Kendall Land, Audrey Lee, Davis Lee, Luis Lopez, Essence Lynch, Sabin Mainali, Evelyn Martinez, Christopher Martinez-Murillo, Farhiya Mberwa, Suzanne Moore, Keoshae Morris, Rebecca O’Dell, Devin Overton, Samantha Peerman, Carrie Pohlman, Kaitlin Potter, Regina Pringle, Richard Reams, Jaezha Robertson, Kimberly Rodriguez, Yasmin Roiter, Sheridan Saunders, Louise Scere, Kayleigh Scialpi, Kieyshon Scott, Alyssa Sheets, Haleigh Smallwood, Somina Som, Benjamin Songer, Bandana Sutar, Aiden Taylor, Shequenda Telsaint, Bhanu Thapa, Stuart Van Metre, Arllet Vega-Martinez, Duyen Vu, Austin Wilcher, Haleigh Wood, Elliot Woodrum, Emily Workman, Spencer Wright, Virginia Yemey, Kaniqua Young and Tyraneka Zellars


Whitney Bills, Garrett Brown, Timothy Cass, Andrew Clark, Mason Goad, Kaila Goetten, Diamond Jones, Binita Kadariya, Dayan Martinez Murillo, Derek McIntyre, Noah Melton, Marla Moock, Asia Moore, Keeli O’Neill, Keira O’Neill, Raina Peterson, Brianna Pierreval, Colin Smith, Ethan Summerson, George Taylor, Emma Thomas, T’Asia Thomason, Ethan Turner and Cori Van Scott


Savannah Alls, Angela JeanBaptiste, Mariana Munoz-Munoz and John Page



Benjamin Achino, Alexander Altice, Joshua Argabright, Sydney Azar, Jeremy Barlow, Jennifer Barry, Taylor Beck, Dane Blackwood, Kaylee Blevins, Paige Bowers, Sierra Boyd, Dakota Bradshaw, Tristan Brady, Joseph Bryant, Juanita Byrd, Madison Byrd, Justin Campbell, Caleb Carawan, Faith Carleno, Saje Carter, Bailey Chapman, Ivan Chitwood, Brianna Christian, Allen Coleman, Elena Coleman, Michael Cone, Caroline Cooper, Jasmine Crawford, Caitlyn Croft, Jordan Culver, Jonathan Dalton, Amberlee Davis, Rachel Davis, Curtis Day, Jared Dennis, Kayla Dilcher, Abigail Dimmick, Joshua Dimmick, Jacob Ellis, Kirra Eveland, Tyler Fanning, Allison Faulkner, Charisma Gaylor, Hannah Gillispie, Emily Goodman, Abigail Gordon, Kayla Greer, Macey Grisso, Justin Hampton, Madison Hanes, Chandler Henderson, Silas Henderson, William Henderson, Amer Hodzic, Asia Holland, Erin Holt, Ahna Huff, Eric Hughes, Hunter Jarrett, Corrie Johnson, Hunter Johnston, Alexander Jones, Angela Jones, James Justice, Heidi Kalinke, Colton Kent, Gabrielle King, Jennifer Lawrence, Lexi Lawrence, Ethan Lawson, Aaron Lee, Ryan Lee, Molly Letchford, Kathleen Linsenman, Ian Lynch, Schuyler Lynch, Levi Martin, Nicholas McGuire, Hannah McInturff, Olivia McKinney, Dakota Moore, Carrington Morris, Baylee Morton, Ronald Murphy, Grace Murtagh, Julia Nelson, Ryan Novitsky, Taylor O’Lynn, Jarod Osborne, Purander Patel, Alexandria Patro, Kristyna Perrin-Augustyniak, Nicholas Poole, Justin Powers, Courtney Ralston, Johan Ramirez, Nicole Reeves, Zackary Reynolds, Carla Risser, Jessie Roberts, Andrew Robertson, Jokubas Roseckas, Nathan Sandidge, Laurel Shelton, Deven Shepherd, Emilie Short, Chloe Simpson, Kelsey Sledd, Andrew Smith, Jacob Snyder, Callie St.Clair, Jessica Terry, Drake Tran, Amina Vatres, Emily Viliborghi, Chelsea Wall, Bailey Waller-Smith, Blake West, Cassidy West, Jesse White, Kyle Williams, Logan Williams, Nicholas Wilson, Dylan Wood, Kayleigh Wyatt, Natalie Yates and Mina Youssef


Tristan Anderson, Corey Boehringer, Shelby Carpenter, Daniel Carroll, Morgan Chaszar, Hannah Childress, Abigail Corekin, Nichole Dulaney, Dillon Frost, Anna Harris, Jared Harvey, Katherine Le, Daniel Link, Cameron Lynch, Conner Lynch, Cara Martin, Kristopher Maxey, Emily Meadows, Ryan Moore, Challen Pineda, Brandon Pitzer, Ryan Prillaman, Andrew Ratliff-Fuqua, Michael Richardson, Matthew Schell, Benjamin Stanley, Alexis Suiter, Sarah Thompson and Christian Vaughan



Rachel Ahlers, Taylor Albanese, Harlee Allen, Lindsey Amiot, Rebecca Amiot, Kenneth Bagnasco, Sidney Booze, Tuan Chau, Blake Davidson, Logan Dennis, Casey Epperly, Isaac Fairchilds, Elijah Ford, Jessica Graham, Darrius Hairston, Thomas Helvey, Sade Holland, Connar Johnson, Curtis Johnson, Andy Lin, Kayla Lintner, Dilan Martinez, Claire Maxey, Joshua McClure, Samuel Mead, Sierra Messinger, Lawrence Mundy, Mya Nixon, Jamie Parker, William Plympton, Christopher Pugh, Nathanial Scutt, Owen Shiflett, Katelynn Simmons, Jacob Stewart, Brandon Szymusiak, Dylan Trail, Halie Wood and Amanda Woody


Colton Brushwood, Emily Duhon, Dalton Gordon, Amber Llerenas, Katlyn Maggi, Jared Martin, Rebekah Moore, Kelly Richards, Jett Sable, Evan Sowder, Emma Studtmann, Zachary Ward, Katrina Wright and Kayla Wright

For more information about Virginia Western’s Community College Access Program, contact Carolyn Payne, CCAP Coordinator, at (540) 857-7544 or cpayne@virginiawestern.edu.

To learn more about how you can be a part of the community effort to help make college possible, contact Amanda Mansfield, Philanthropy Director, at (540) 857-6962 or amansfield@virginiawestern.edu.

Educational Foundation announces fall scholarship recipients

The Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation announces that it awarded 88 scholarships to students attending the Fall Semester 2018 at Virginia Western Community College.

Applications for Spring 2019 scholarships are due Oct. 19, 2018. Students may apply online at virginiawestern.edu/scholarship.

The following is the list of Fall Semester 2018 scholarship recipients.

Recipient Locality Fall 2018 Award(s)
Cassie Conner Bath County Katherine Futrell Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Zachary Doolittle Bedford Sallie and Elsie Williamson Endowed Scholarship
Olivia Wentworth Bedford Roanoke Valley Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Amelia Whitehead Bedford Fred Whitaker Company Annual Scholarship
Ruth Beard Botetourt County Donald Willson Memorial Scholarship
Denise Bibby Botetourt County Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts
Abe Diviney Botetourt County Employee Giving Annual Scholarship
Lauri Foutz Botetourt County Foot Levelers Endowed Scholarship
Erik Frank Botetourt County Appalachian Power Endowed Scholarship & Nicholas E. Janney Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Abigail Long Botetourt County Kiwanis Club of Botetourt County Endowed Scholarship
Melissa Ann Spangler Botetourt County Judy Hackworth Memorial Annual Scholarship
Cameron Zerrilla Botetourt County Fred Whitaker Company Annual Scholarship & Kiwanis Club of Botetourt County Endowed Scholarship
Morgan Murray Covington Dr. Donna Harpold Memorial Annual Scholarship
Renee Cundiff Franklin County Fred Whitaker Company Annual Scholarship
Amber Didlake Franklin County Shentel Foundation Annual Scholarship
Alyssa Fadorick Franklin County Nicholas E. Janney Memorial Endowed Scholarship & Educational Foundation Textbook Scholarship
Lauren Flippo Franklin County John Morris Roslyn Educational Scholarship
Cody Gump Franklin County Alumni Association Annual Book Scholarship & William Milton Meador Endowed Scholarship
Garrison Jamison Franklin County Michael E. Warner Memorial Annual Scholarship
Jackson Olsson Franklin County Appalachian Power Endowed Scholarship
Savanna Reed Franklin County Brown & Sons Farm Annual Scholarship
Bailey Rutrough Franklin County Garnett E. and Patsy T. Smith Endowed Scholarship
Sherman Witcher Franklin County Continental Societies Endowed Scholarship & Lorraine Pleasants Memorial Annual Scholarship
Marina Artemyev Harrisonburg Orrin Clifton Annual Scholarship
Sarah Gentry Montgomery County American Sign Language Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Laura Knight Schowe & The Neall Family Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Jaeyun Han Montgomery County Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts
Brian Amend Roanoke City LewisGale Medical Center Endowed Scholarship
Kimberly Archer Roanoke City Dennis L. & Hazel Phillips Blalock Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Saeedeh Badri Roanoke City BB&T Endowed Scholarship
Erika Buck Roanoke City Michael E. Warner Memorial Annual Scholarship
Elizabeth Hollingsworth Roanoke City Michael E. Warner Memorial Annual Scholarship
Bradley Hugus Roanoke City Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts
Miranda Hurd Roanoke City Dr. Donna Harpold Memorial Annual Scholarship
Josh Kurtz Roanoke City Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Aziza Longi Roanoke City Beverly and Leon Harris Teaching and Nursing Annual Scholarship
Maryna Mabes Roanoke City Accounting Annual Scholarship for Adult Learners
Jessica Marine Roanoke City Dr. George K. Bowers Youth Haven-Sanctuary Annual Scholarship
Amanda McKinney Roanoke City Petroleum Marketers, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
Sofiia Melnyk Roanoke City Shenandoah Life Annual Diversity Scholarship
Monique Morris Roanoke City Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Ja’Monda Nowlin Roanoke City Beverly and Leon Harris Occupational/Technical Annual Scholarship & Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Payne Endowed Scholarship
Lauren Oliveira Roanoke City Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship & Peter and Roseta Skelly Endowed Scholarship
Neel Patel Roanoke City McFarland Endowed Scholarship
Jonathan Rodriguez Roanoke City Educational Foundation Textbook Scholarship
Jamie Sievers Roanoke City Michael E. Warner Memorial Annual Scholarship
Cori Van Scott Roanoke City John Morris Roslyn Educational Scholarship & The Flippin Family Endowed Scholarship
Jacquelyn Bridgman Roanoke County Alice Becker Hinchcliffe Williams Endowed Scholarship
Hannah Brinner Roanoke County Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts
Madelyn Brown Roanoke County Friendship Health & Living Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship
Joshua Chick Roanoke County Walter Darnall Vinyard Endowed Scholarship
Rachel Davis Roanoke County John Hall and Chris Tucker Honorary Endowed Scholarship
Juvissa Ehrich Roanoke County Gordon C. and Jean Willis Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Hunter Harless Roanoke County Bank of Botetourt H. Watts Steger, III Annual Scholarship
Lexi Lawrence Roanoke County Odasz Annual Scholarship
Ebony Lynch-Thomas Roanoke County African-American Railroad Heritage Annual Scholarship & Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Rachel Martin Roanoke County Michael E. Warner Memorial Annual Scholarship
Colleen Morrison Roanoke County Business, Technology & Trades Annual Scholarship in honor of Deborah A. Yancey & The Neall Family Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Monica Paitsel Roanoke County Dr. Kevin Conway Endowed Scholarship & Walter Darnall Vinyard Endowed Scholarship
Laurel Shelton Roanoke County Richard J. Gaynor Memorial Scholarship
Haven Starling Roanoke County David L. Nickerson Honorary Endowed Scholarship
Jana Underwood Roanoke County Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Samantha Wagner Roanoke County Fred Whitaker Company Annual Scholarship
Catelyn Wright Roanoke County Cabell Brand Center Gap Scholarship
Tyler Mundy Rockbridge County Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Jessie Barcelo Salem Dennis Spaulding Memorial Developmental Scholarship
Braxton Berkel Salem Alumni Association Annual Book Scholarship & Educational Foundation Textbook Scholarship
Abigail Corekin Salem Educational Foundation Textbook Scholarship
Kaylie Foutz Salem Judy Hackworth Memorial Annual Scholarship
Samuel Green Salem Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts
Brooke Rakes Salem Gertrude Light Hubbard Endowed Scholarship & Educational Foundation Textbook Scholarship
Joshua Ulmer Salem Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Daniel Vance Salem Petroleum Marketers, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

For information on donating to or establishing a scholarship at Virginia Western, contact Donor Relations Coordinator Amanda Mansfield at (540) 857-6962 or amansfield@virginiawestern.edu.