Virginia Western Community College and Patrick Henry Community College have cooperatively served Franklin County for many years. Through a mutual agreement, Virginia Western will solely serve the county in the future following a brief transitional phase.

Currently, both colleges operate in the Franklin Center with VWCC providing evening classes and PHCC offering daytime classes. VWCC also provides transferring dual enrollment courses at Franklin County High School while PHCC offers career and technical dual enrollment courses.

Beginning in Fall 2014, Virginia Western will assume responsibility for dual enrollment at Franklin County High School. Virginia Western will also assume responsibility for all class programming at the Franklin Center except for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). PHCC will offer EMS classes through 2014-15. PHCC will continue to work with current workforce training clients in Franklin County through 2014-15, transitioning those clients to Virginia Western by Fall 2015.

Franklin County will officially be part of Virginia Western’s service area effective July 1, 2015.

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