Why is the Library Naked??

You may have noticed some empty shelves, increasingly open floor space on the main floor, and the appearance of carts full of “free books” lately. You might wonder, “What’s going on?”

Brown Library is getting new clothes…

Yep, that’s right—we’re being renovated! Between now and January, you’ll see us gradually move items from the main floor upstairs to the Circulation floor. Computers, reference books, periodicals, ourselves… everything!

Once the new year hits, you’ll have to do all your library-ing on the top floor because the main floor is going to be roped off, torn apart, and put back together again. (All library instruction and orientations will be held in other buildings’ classrooms or labs during this process.)

Once it’s all done, Brown Library will be better than ever! Pictures of the renovation process are coming soon.

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