Wait, I Thought You Were Open Until…

Confused person

Ever wonder when the library was open? Ever get confused because someone told you one thing and another person said something else?

Not to fear; our official hours are always listed on our main website (regular hours in the right sidebar; holiday hours under The Latest–“In the Stacks”) and in the <—left sidebar of this blog. Where else are our hours listed? On the Info page at Facebook and in our profile at Twitter.

Any changes to our normal hours, such as during exam periods or holiday breaks, will be announced  here on the blog and posted to Facebook, Twitter, the Daily Bulletin, the new Student Bulletin, and added to our new public Google calendar. We may even send an occasional email your way, to your student VWCC email account.

Hopefully, this will help our patrons avoid looking like this guy!

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3 thoughts on “Wait, I Thought You Were Open Until…

  1. Amanda

    Change the time in the sidebar to 9 AM and then I think you are in business! I’m really happy to see longer hours!

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