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Questions about Software?

The library has had a few students inquire recently about getting free software, such as MS Office. Unfortunately, there is no free software available for students at this time from the Brown Library. The only software the library has license to lend is for VWCC faculty and staff. We do, however, have laptops available for check-out to students, which come loaded with MS Office Suite.

Did you know you can download the latest Symantec Anti-Virus for free from Blackboard? Absolutely you can! Easily keep your computer virus-free by downloading it at your convenience by accessing it on the main VWCC page of Blackboard. Also available to faculty, staff, AND students is the JourneyEd store, which you can access under the “Student Connect” tab on Blackboard. JourneyEd has teamed up with the Virginia Community College System to provide the opportunity to purchase heavily discounted software. The campus bookstore also provides the opportunity to purchase software here.


And don’t forget—some of your professors may have put articles, a textbook, or a CD or DVD on reserve for a specific class. Anything a professor has put on reserve is available to students on the top floor of the library. Most things must be used within the library only, but there are certain items which are allowed to be checked out for a limited time period. To find out if there are reserve items available for your classes, check our list here.

Looking for Textbooks?

We understand that sometimes you just can’t afford to get a certain book right away, or maybe it’s late in coming into the campus bookstore. But you don’t have to fall behind—come on over to the reserves collection at Brown Library!

What can you get from the reserves?  Textbooks, other kinds of books (like novels you might read in an English class), articles, cds, videos, and cd-roms. You can’t check them out, but you can use them within the library whenever you’re in a pinch. They are located on the top floor of Brown, behind the circulation desk.

And while we don’t carry every textbook for every class, we’d be happy to see if we have what you’re looking for, by phone or in person. Wanna look yourself? No problem. You can look up what’s available by class, by subject, or browse a list of novels and authors commonly studied in the English classes here at Virginia Western.

If you don’t see a particular class listed, that means the professor or department hasn’t put the book or any other materials on reserve for that class. Sometimes a professor just doesn’t know their students would like to have the textbook on reserve, and so it always helps to suggest it. Here’s the form professors have to fill out to get their course materials put on reserve.

Have questions? Call Edgar Anderson, in Circulation, at 857-7242 or Laura Milliman, in Reference, at 857-6509.

Your Library: “What’s In It For Me?”

“How do I find a journal article?”

“My instructor put something on reserve for my class to read in the library. Where are the library reserves located?”

“What do I need to do to check out a book?”

For answers to these and other important questions, come to this session and find out what the library has to offer you! Learn about the facility, service, and staff, and learn how you can use the library resources from home.

When: Wednesday, January 28th, 2009—1pm & 5:30pm

 If you can, please pre-register by calling 540-857-7583. This first Hot Topic of the spring semester will be held in the classroom on the top floor of the Brown Library and will be facilitated by Interim Director of Learning Resources, Lynn Hurt.

Attention Faculty

As Summer semester begins, please review the library’s textbook reserves to ensure that the course materials for the courses being offered in your division are available for students. The reserves are located on the top floor of the library, behind the circulation desk.


Students who experience a delay in purchasing their textbooks can read assignments in the library and avoid falling behind. We have several requests from students at the beginning of each semester to access these materials. As the library’s permanent collection doesn’t include copies of most of the titles sold in the bookstore, we rely on YOU to place textbooks on reserve to meet our students’ needs.

If you have any questions about reserves, feel free to contact either Edgar Anderson at ext. 77242 or Laura Milliman at ext. 76509.