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Ok we admit it. The library has had a little crush on technology lately. Maybe you’ve noticed some changes since we reopened the Main Floor…

For example, two of our new study rooms (B106, B107) have videoconferencing capabilities, and all five are equipped with media:scape technology.  What can you do with this? Well, it’s great for group projects. Up to four or six people can hook up their laptops or iPads and then project their screen to the big TV in the room. This makes it easy for all group members to view and collaborate on a project. Perfect for a PowerPoint presentation. You can also switch back and forth, showing one person’s screen and then someone else’s. Neat, huh?

Speaking of iPads, why not check one out and see what all the fuss is about? Current students only (and faculty and staff) are welcome to check out an iPad for two hours at a time, to be used within the library. Close to 200 apps are currently loaded and ready to go, including Blackboard, math and science video tutorials, a medical abbreviations app, Art Authority (with over 55,000 different paintings and sculptures), Evernote, Adobe Photoshop Express, The White House’s official app, Living Language (in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese), multiple eReaders, and shortcuts to both Virginia Western’s and the library’s websites. These are just a few of the incredible apps we have available. For more information on how to check out an iPad, ask us at the Reference or Circulation desks, or take a look at our Technology Circulation page. We look forward to seeing you soon!