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Members of Library Staff Learn About Herbs

Two members of the Brown Library staff——Laura Milliman, Reference Librarian, and Kalyca Schultz, Library Assistant——recently participated in the Horticulture department’s Gardening with Herbs class (HRT 198-N1). Taught by Julie Reusch of Village Herb Farm in Blue Ridge, the class included informative lectures on the uses for herbs and the basics of growing and caring for them in the Roanoke area, practical field trips to Virginia Western’s own Arboretum, and fun weekly food breaks during which everyone shared dishes they’d made with herbal ingredients.

Herb GardenJulie’s open and easy style of teaching lent itself to active classroom discussions, and she always encouraged questions. For her class project, Laura created a very useful resource guide, which lists many of the books, periodicals, and articles in the Brown Library’s collection concerning herbs and gardening. Kalyca did her presentation, with an aromatic demonstration, on incenses, which are made from herbs, resins, barks, seeds, roots, gums, and flowers.

Kalyca now has a thriving mini-herb garden in containers on her front porch, and Laura is still nursing the free rosemary cutting everyone received at the end of class. She awaits the day it has grown enough to transplant it to her first container garden. Here’s hoping for a second installment of the Gardening with Herbs class soon!