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Every Shake is a Learning Experience

Events ought to expand our experiences, right? So the shimmy and shake we felt in the Roanoke Valley Tuesday should send us searching for more information about earthquakes. A good place to start is in Brown Library.

Plate Tectonics : an Insider’s History of the Modern Theory of the Earth and Earthshaking Science: What we Know (and Don’t Know) About Earthquakes are among the library’s print books about earthquake science.

Come check out the stacks or visit the online catalog for a wealth of online science books. And, if you haven’t become familiar with the U.S. Geological Survey page, visit it here.

International Literacy Day

Did you know that more than 780 million people cannot read or write, two-thirds of whom are women? Did you know that between 94 and 115 million children have no access to a basic education?

Founded in 1967 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Literacy Day is an annual event on September 8th which draws attention to the world’s literacy needs. According to the International Reading Association’s Fact Sheet, “On International Literacy Day, individuals, organizations, and countries throughout the world renew their efforts to promote literacy and demonstrate their commitment to providing education to all.” The theme for 2008 is “Literacy and Health.” Learn more about the link between literacy and health.

The Brown Library has many books and resources about literacy, including:

  • Nielsen-Bohlman, Lynn et al. (editors). Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion. Circulating collection, call number RA440.H43 2004
  • Goodman, Yetta M. and Sandra Wilde. Literacy Events in a Community of Young Writers. Circulating collection, call number PE1130.5.A5 L57 1992
  • Puchner, Laurel D. and Daniel A. Wagner (editors). World Literacy in the Year 2000. Circulating collection, call number H1.A4 v.520
  • Winterowd, W. Ross. The Culture and Politics of Literacy. Circulating collection, call number LC151.W53 1989
  • Wagner, Daniel A. (editor). Child Development and International Development: Research-Policy Interfaces. Circulating collection, call number HQ767.9.C444 1983

LOCAL OPPORTUNITY: Want to volunteer or know someone who may want tutoring? Contact the Literacy Volunteers of Roanoke Valley, an accredited affiliate of Pro-Literacy America

Other Literacy Programs in Virginia