Reserves Collection

Did you know that the library has a reserves collection that contains many of the textbooks used across campus? Now you do!

The purpose of this collection is to fill-in during those times when you don’t have access to textbooks. Maybe you ordered your textbooks, but they haven’t arrived and classes have already started. Or you have back-to-back classes and the middle one is cancelled, freeing up unexpected study time. Or you’re parked behind Duncan and realize you left your textbook in your car and just don’t want to make the trek back across campus to get it.

We’ve got you covered! Most of our reserve textbooks are available for use on our floor for 2 hours at a time. You can look at our handy dandy InfoGuide to determine if we have the books for your classes. Or feel free to give us a call (857-7303). We’re happy to help you!