Looking for Textbooks?

If you’re looking to buy or just browse your Fall semester textbooks, head on over to the campus Bookstore in Craig (South Campus). They can help you find what you need for each class. Click here for a handy map.

And while we don’t sell textbooks here in Brown Library, we can help you do research, find resources for papers, and accomplish many other things.

  • Need help with citations? Check!
  • Forget your textbook and want to check one out for a couple hours? Check!
  • Want assistance finding and evaluating scholarly articles? Check!
  • Want to actually read something for pleasure? Check!
  • Interested in learning how to use an iPad? Check!
  • Need a quiet space to study or maybe a room where you can easily collaborate on a group project, like Powerpoint presentations? Check and check!

All of this is available to you in the Library, along with the friendly expertise of your campus librarians and library staff. We’re here to serve you and help you succeed! Find your there with Brown Library by your side.

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