How will we view Atticus now?

Author Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” published in 1960, won the Pulitzer Prize and became a classic for high school and college reading assignments. While the novel dealt with book coversviolence and racial equality, its protagonist, a lawyer named Atticus Finch, was a hero, an example of integrity. The book sold more than 40 million copies.

Now, “Go Set a Watchman,” a book Lee wrote before “To Kill a Mockingbird,” but which was only published this week, presents Atticus as a racist. In “Watchman,” Atticus, now 72, becomes more of a human reflection of his time than an icon.

You decide. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s article (linked below):

Harper Lee’s Father, Inspiration for Atticus Finch, Changed His Views on Segregation

Read the first chapter of “Go Set a Watchman”:

Harper Lee

Harper Lee in 1960

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