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Learn to code…or do math ….through apps

codeacademy khan-logo-vertical-transparentWant to learn more about HTML & CSS? Maybe even create a website using code?

Visit, a site devoted to teaching code to all of us. The HTML & CSS course takes seven hours and already has 4.5 million students enrolled. The app’s free and was one of “10 Best Apps for Students” listed in the September issue of Family Circle magazine.

Another good free app: Khan Academy offers instruction in everything from simple math to quantum physics. The other eight from Family circle include some free, or with low fees. Especially of interest are Solar Walk and Mindsnacks U.S. Geography.

Need an image?

Screenshot of the Internet Archive Book Images Flickr page

Screenshot of the Internet Archive Book Images Flickr page

Whether you are completing an assignment, developing a web page, or making marketing materials for your company, you have probably needed an image at some point in your life. Images can be tricky. It can be hard to find exactly what you want. Then there are copyright and attribution laws and rules to consider. And you found the *perfect* image in a print book, but really need it in a digital format. Sigh.

Enter Kalev Leetaru. He “is creating a searchable database of 12 million historical copyright-free images” using Flickr. Of course, this won’t address all of your image needs since these are historical in nature. But bookmark the Internet Archive Book Images Flickr page, because it might come in handy eventually.