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New semester, new look

Welcome back to campus! We’ve been busy this summer updating our website and policies.

  1. You’ll notice some changes on our website. We recently migrated to a new version of InfoGuides. Click on the InfoGuides link in the left sidebar of our homepage to check out the fresh new look.
  2. Our Database list has also been updated. You can search for your favorite database, sort by alphabetical order, or browse databases by subject area. Check out the changes under the Find Articles link in the left sidebar of our homepage.
  3. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve changed our food policy. We will now allow snacks and drinks in the library. Please be courteous, clean up after yourselves, and let us know if you need help dealing with a spill.
  4. A photo ID is required to borrow library materials. You can obtain a Student ID in the Student Life Center, which gets you access to other stuff on campus, too. Or we can use another form of valid ID.

Remember, some things never change. Our floor is still a silent study space, perfect for concentrating on homework or doing research. Your friendly library staff members are still here to answer your questions and help you find sources. Email us at or stop by and say hi in person! We are here 8am-8pm Monday through Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday, and 9am-1pm Saturday throughout the semester.

Reserves Collection

Did you know that the library has a reserves collection that contains many of the textbooks used across campus? Now you do!

The purpose of this collection is to fill-in during those times when you don’t have access to textbooks. Maybe you ordered your textbooks, but they haven’t arrived and classes have already started. Or you have back-to-back classes and the middle one is cancelled, freeing up unexpected study time. Or you’re parked behind Duncan and realize you left your textbook in your car and just don’t want to make the trek back across campus to get it.

We’ve got you covered! Most of our reserve textbooks are available for use on our floor for 2 hours at a time. You can look at our handy dandy InfoGuide to determine if we have the books for your classes. Or feel free to give us a call (857-7303). We’re happy to help you!

Get to Know InfoGuides

Believe it or not, your friendly librarians do not live at the library. For those times in the middle of the night when you’re in need of assistance, check to see if we have an InfoGuide that meets your needs.

infoguides bannerWhat: InfoGuides are librarian-created websites. They are often created for a specific class or subject and contain library resources related to that class or subject. Topics include English 111, Citation Styles, Finding Statistics, Dental Hygiene, and more.

Who: We have created InfoGuides for students, faculty, and staff to use. Anyone can access any of the guides.

Why: We create InfoGuides with the needs of our students, faculty, and staff in mind. The guides exist to help you navigate library resources that are relevant to your academic needs. Each InfoGuide is customized and contains credible information.

When: 24/7/365! You can access InfoGuides absolutely any time you want.

Where: There are several ways to access InfoGuides.

If you have suggestions on future class, subject, or topic guides you’d like us to add, please let us know!

Citing Social Media

Brown Library's Social Media Presence

Brown Library’s Social Media Presence

Just about everyone uses social media in some capacity these days. In many cases, using social media content in an academic assignment is not an option. If you are allowed to use it, though, you need to know how to cite it. Aditi Rao, a Technology Coach in Texas, has compiled MLA and APA citation guidelines for some popular social media sites into one handy chart.

As always, refer to the appropriate style manual for exact details. You may also visit the Reference Department or the Writing Center in the Brown Library building for citation assistance.

Learn to code…or do math ….through apps

codeacademy khan-logo-vertical-transparentWant to learn more about HTML & CSS? Maybe even create a website using code?

Visit, a site devoted to teaching code to all of us. The HTML & CSS course takes seven hours and already has 4.5 million students enrolled. The app’s free and was one of “10 Best Apps for Students” listed in the September issue of Family Circle magazine.

Another good free app: Khan Academy offers instruction in everything from simple math to quantum physics. The other eight from Family circle include some free, or with low fees. Especially of interest are Solar Walk and Mindsnacks U.S. Geography.