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Members of Library Staff Learn About Herbs

Two members of the Brown Library staff——Laura Milliman, Reference Librarian, and Kalyca Schultz, Library Assistant——recently participated in the Horticulture department’s Gardening with Herbs class (HRT 198-N1). Taught by Julie Reusch of Village Herb Farm in Blue Ridge, the class included informative lectures on the uses for herbs and the basics of growing and caring for them in the Roanoke area, practical field trips to Virginia Western’s own Arboretum, and fun weekly food breaks during which everyone shared dishes they’d made with herbal ingredients.

Herb GardenJulie’s open and easy style of teaching lent itself to active classroom discussions, and she always encouraged questions. For her class project, Laura created a very useful resource guide, which lists many of the books, periodicals, and articles in the Brown Library’s collection concerning herbs and gardening. Kalyca did her presentation, with an aromatic demonstration, on incenses, which are made from herbs, resins, barks, seeds, roots, gums, and flowers.

Kalyca now has a thriving mini-herb garden in containers on her front porch, and Laura is still nursing the free rosemary cutting everyone received at the end of class. She awaits the day it has grown enough to transplant it to her first container garden. Here’s hoping for a second installment of the Gardening with Herbs class soon!

Meet Your Library Director

David HillmanDavid Hillman

I am a native of Roanoke and have been on the VWCC library staff since 1972. Before that I was getting a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Maryland and before that a Bachelor’s in English from William and Mary. My job title is Learning Resources Center Director; that means Head Librarian, more or less.

For 36 years, I have worked in the same building, the three-story Brown Library building on the northern end of the campus. Recently in the college archives I came across layout drawings of this building from the 1970’s. The drawings reminded me of how much has changed since the years when I first came here.

In those years, we had far fewer buildings on campus and were very hard-pressed for space. As a result, all of the departments that now fill up Chapman Hall——Admissions, Counseling, Financial Aid, and Records——were shoehorned into Brown, with Financial Aid on the top floor and the others on the ground floor.  It was actually worse than that because the Brown Library building also contained the college’s auditorium, bookstore, and restaurant/cafeteria! The bookstore occupied the space on the ground floor where we now have the large computer lab. The auditorium was carved out of space on the top floor on the side, overlooking the parking lot, and the restaurant (with its tables and grill) was in the same space where you now find the main room of the Learning Technology Center (LTC). In the 1970’s, the LTC was called the Learning Lab, and it filled the entire back side of the top floor.

As a result of these necessary annexations of library space, the library itself had the use only of about half the top floor. This was bearable because, in those days, the book collections was still small, and it was only later that we grew to the point where we needed the whole floor. Over the years, all of these non-library functions found other homes as new buildings opened up on campus. Eventually the Learning Lab moved to the ground floor of Brown and took over the whole floor, becoming the Learning Technology Center that we have today. The two upper floors of the building are now occupied entirely by the library itself, just as the planners of the building back in the 1960’s intended.

When you walk around campus today and note our attractive bookstore, and capacious auditorium and food area, and the several departments so nicely fitted into the renovated Chapman Hall, think about how all this was at one time compressed into the Brown Library building, and you will appreciate how remarkably this community college has grown since it was established in 1966.

Get to Know Your Library Staff

Faith JanneyFaith Janney, Periodicals & Interlibrary Loan Specialist

I work on the main floor in office B107. My primary responsibility is managing interlibrary loan requests. I love to get challenging requests for hard-to-find books, newspapers, or journal articles. I have requested books from as far away as Alaska, and I sent an article to a library in Brazil. I also have the opportunity to work with students using the library’s open computer lab. It’s very gratifying when I can help a student find the right materials to complete their assignments.

I have an AAS from VWCC in Radiologic Technology and a BBA from Roanoke College. Prior to transferring to the Library, I worked for several years in the college’s Human Resource office. I miss working with the employees, but I enjoy working with students and getting to know the college from the academic perspective.

I volunteer with the Conflict Resolution Center as a Family Mediator. It’s amazing to see two people come to an agreement to resolve their problems rather than going to court and having a judge make the decisions for their family. My other non-work activities usually involve either my church or my three-year-old granddaughter. 

Get to Know Your Librarians

Laura MillimanLaura Milliman, Friendly Neighborhood Reference Librarian

I work on the main floor, in office B115. In my work, I enjoy helping students at the computers, teaching classes, and maintaining the library web pages. No, I don’t sit around and read books all day!

I obtained a B.S. in Psychology in 1986 and a Master’s degree in Library Science in 1995, both from the University of South Carolina. Yes, you really do have to go to school for this!

My hobbies include reading, working puzzles, genealogy, yoga, and hiking. I’m currently taking the Gardening with Herbs class here at VWCC with my co-worker, Kalyca Schultz. In July, I’ll be gone for three weeks taking Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaville in Buckingham, VA. While there, I’ll eat delicious vegetarian meals, meditate 3 times a day, take classes in yoga postures, and attend lectures in yoga theory, philosophy, and anatomy. I’ll post to the blog upon my return and give you all the inside scoop on the meaning of life.