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Why We Weed Books

I just discovered the Awful Library Books blog today, and I think it’s going to be a guilty pleasure. We remove books from our shelves, a process librarians call weeding, that are no longer helpful to Virginia Western students (the same thing happens with e-books and articles in databases). Time can make some of these titles seem very silly. Take a look at favorite weeded titles from librarians across the country.

Top 10 Annoying Responses When You Tell Someone You’re in Library School

10. I’d love to be a librarian because libraries are so quiet.

9. I thought about becoming a librarian, but I need enough income to support myself.

8. You need a graduate degree for that?

7. I thought the Internet put libraries out of business.

6. Don’t you have enough college degrees now?

5. I think it’s wonderful that you can pursue a hobby like that.

4. You have to go to college for that?

3. I don’t see much purpose to libraries; I buy all my books at Costco.

2. I’d love to be a librarian because I’d love to read at work.

1. You have to go to school for that?

——Jane G. Gresham, School of Information Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona, Tucson