Telework Resources

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In response to the growing impact COVID-19 is having on our workplace and the reality that many of us may be working from alternate locations, the IET team has put together the following suggestions to help minimize disruptions while working remotely.

If you have a laptop, please make sure you are undocking the device and bringing it to and from your office every day. Should we suddenly have to work off-campus, you may not be able to retrieve your laptop if it was left in your office.

Take These Steps Now

  1. Test Your VDI using one of the three options below:
    Off-campus with 2Factor or
    Off-Campus without 2Factor.
    Note: If you haven’t already been set up for 2Factor, you need to use the last link above if you are off-campus.
  2. Log into ZOOM with your myVWCC credentials.
  3. Log into Outlook Online with your VWCC credentials.
  4. Setup Call Forwarding for your phone on the web. You must be on campus or on a VDI for this link to work. The format for the number you are forwarding to is 915409990101 (91 + 10-digit phone number).
  5. Bring your laptop to work to make sure it is patched and updated, and be sure to take it home every day.
  6. Contact the Help Desk if you don’t have VDI access.
  7. Keep your germs at home, share your contact info with your team!

How to Work From Home

Useful links and documentation

Don’t Have a Laptop?

Don’t have a laptop? You can use your personal computer, tablet/iPad (or even your phone) for e-mail, Teams, Zoom, OneDrive, Gmail, Google Drive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Chrome River, Canvas and more! Use Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts for chat/IM.  You can use your VDI to access your shared drives.

Other Tips