Search for a Class

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To search the Course Catalog within the Student Information System, you must be logged into MyVWCC and inside the Student Information System.

  1. Click Self Service, then Class Search/Browse Catalog, then Class Search.
  2. Select Virginia Western Community College as the institution.
  3. Select the correct term.
  4. Enter at least two of the following Class Search Criteria:
    • Course Subject: The course subject is a three-letter abbreviation (ACC, BUS, MTH, etc.). If you are unsure of which abbreviation to use, click the green select subject button.
    • Course Number: generally a 5-digit number
    • Course Career: generally “Credit”. Non-credit courses are registered for in the Workforce Enterprise System.
    • Campus: the only option is “Main”.
    • Mode of Instruction: The mode of instruction is the type of class (in person, online, hybrid, etc.)
  5. To view only class sections with seats available, select Show Open Classes Only.
  6. To enter additional search criteria, such as meeting time or location, click Additional Search Criteria.
  7. Click the green Search button.


  8. Your search results will be displayed on the next page. To view additional information about each class, click the link located to the right of Section that contains the section number and class number.