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Forms Library

If you are faculty or staff, please visit our Faculty & Staff Forms Library.



Form Title Format
Application for Admission Online
Application for In-State Tuition PDF
Academic Overload Request Form Online
Domicile Appeals Process Form PDF
Establishing Virginia Domicile Brochure PDF
Petition for Admission/Reinstatement Online
Request for Administrative Withdrawal PDF
Self-Sufficient Supplemental Student Information Form PDF
Senior Citizen Tuition Assistance Agreement Form PDF
Third Repeat Request Form PDF
Transfer Course Authorization Form PDF
Verification of Participation Form PDF

Dual Enrollment

Form Title Format
Application for Admission Online
Dual Enrollment - HB1184 Credit By Exam PDF
Dual Enrollment - HB1184 Declaration of Intent PDF
Dual Enrollment - High School/Home-School Enrollment Approval Form
(Juniors & Seniors On-Campus)
Dual Enrollment - Request for Special Circumstances Enrollment Form
(Freshman & Sophomores)
Dual Enrollment - Transcript Request PDF
Dual Enrollment - Under 18 Signature Page PDF


Form Title Format
Parking Citation "Right to Appeal" Application PDF
Referral to Intervention Counselor PDF
Student Grievance Form PDF

Office of Disability Services

Form Title Format
High School Release of Information PDF
New Student: Checklist & Intake Packet PDF
ODS Authorization to Release Information (FERPA/HIPAA) PDF
ODS Statement of Confidentiality PDF
Provider Assessment of Disability PDF
Request for Books in Alternative Format PDF
Student Responsibility for Sign Language Interpreting Services PDF
Accommodated Testing: Policy and Procedures with Signature of Receipt PDF
VWCC Student Information Release Form (FERPA) PDF

Student Conduct

Form Title Format
Appeal of First Incident of Academic Misconduct PDF
Care/Threat Assessment Team Dismissal Appeal PDF
Report of Student Misconduct PDF
Vice President Appeal - Dean's Adjudication Decision PDF
Vice President Appeal - Student Conduct Committee PDF

Student Records

Form Title Format
Academic Transcript Request Instructions & Form PDF
Audit Approval PDF
Change Your Program of Study PDF
Course Substitution Approval PDF
Duplicate Diploma Request PDF
Enrollment Verification PDF
Information Release Form (FERPA) PDF
Notification of Change Form PDF
Petition for Academic Renewal Instructions & Form PDF
Request for Military Evaluation PDF
Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information (FERPA) PDF
Request for VCCS Transcript Evaluation PDF
Student Registration Change Form PDF

Financial Aid


Form Title Format
Asset Verification Form DOCX
2020-2021 Admission Application Bachelor Degree Correction Form PDF
Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid PDF
Federal Loan Discharge Borrower Acknowledgement Form PDF
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Online
Options for Requesting Tax Data PDF
Scholarship Information Form PDF
2017-2018 Unusual Enrollment History (UEH) Review Form Packet PDF


Form Title Format
Direct Parent PLUS Loan Adjustment Form PDF
Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request Form PDF
Direct Student Loan Adjustment Form PDF
Direct Student Loan Request Form PDF

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Form Title Format
Academic Progress Plan PDF
Appeal for Extension of Financial Aid
This form should only be used by students who are not in compliance with the 150% rule.
Appeal for Reinstatement of Financial Aid
This form should only be used by students who are not in compliance with the 67% and/or GPA rule.
Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement PDF

Verification 2020-2021 (2020 Fall, 2021 Spring, 2021 Summer)

Form Title Format
2020-2021 Dependent Household Size Form PDF
2020-2021 Dependent Number in College PDF
2020-2021 Parent Verification of Non-Filing Status for Tax Year 2018 PDF
2020-2021 Parent Additional Financial Information Form for Tax Year 2018 PDF
2020-2021 Parent Untaxed Income Form for Tax Year 2018 PDF
2020-2021 Dependent Asset Information Form PDF
2020-2021 High School Completion Status Information Sheet PDF
2020-2021 Income Level Verification Form PDF
2020-2021 Citizen Document Certification PDF

Verification 2021-2022 (2021 Fall, 2022 Spring, 2022 Summer)

Form Title Format
Forms will be available in 2021  


Form Title Format
Advanced Payment Request PDF
Certification Request for VA Educational Benefits DOCX | Online
Request for Military Evaluation PDF
SALUTE Application DOCX | PDF
Veterans Assistance Fund Application PDF

Work Study

Form Title Format
FWS Request for Eligibility Determination 2019-20 and 2020-21 PDF

Tuition & Payment

Form Title Format
Third Party Tuition Sponsorship Agreement PDF

Educational Foundation

Form Title Format
Student Emergency Fund Application DOCX | PDF
Veterans Assistance Fund Application PDF