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Financial Aid :: Policies & Conditions

Consortium Agreements

Although a student might enroll concurrently at two or more institutions, financial aid can be received at just one institution during a given period of enrollment. It is possible to be a financial aid recipient at one institution and to have the credits being pursued at another institution count toward enrollment status and the type(s) and amount(s) of financial aid received.

The institution from which the student receives financial aid is called the student's home institution, and any other institution is then referred to as a host institution. Students are responsible for paying their tuition at the host school.

Each year, Virginia Western Community College serves as both a home and a host institution under various consortium agreements. Each consortium agreement must be in writing and signed by a representative of each institution.

In those cases where VWCC serves as the home institution, the courses from another institution that are counted toward a student's enrollment status must be courses that are currently needed toward completion of the degree or certificate program in which the student is enrolled.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 540-857-6690 to discuss a consortium agreement.

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