Faculty Handbook

Solicitations Policy

Because of potential abuses and security needs resulting from unregulated practices involving sales, solicitations of sales and contributions, and offers to buy on the campus, such activities may occur only when specifically authorized by the following College officials:

  1. Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs for any activities involving student clubs and organizations or any other student-related activities.
  2. Human Resources Manager for any vendor or representative of a company or agency involved in employee benefits programs.  Those companies or agencies not affiliated with approved State/VCCS programs or payroll deductible programs will not be authorized for solicitations on campus.
  3. Vice-President of Financial and Administrative Services for any sales representative, buyer or vendor not associated with the above programs and who may be subject to provisions of the procurement regulations and laws.

This policy is applicable to all sales/buyer representatives and agents, whether students or not.  Except as noted below, this policy is applicable to all sales or solicitations for sales of merchandise, goods, food or drink, whether or not delivery is to be made on campus.  It further includes any individuals soliciting for the purchase of books and/or other similar goods.  For purposes of regulation, a distinction is to be made between "commercial" and "non-commercial" activities.

"Commercial" activities is defined as any sale or offer to sale or buy for the purpose of securing a profit for the benefit of an individual or group.  (Fund-raising activities of non-profit groups are treated under the paragraph defining "non-commercial" activities.)  Such activities will generally be prohibited unless necessary to College purposes.  Persons seeking approval of a commercial activity on the grounds that it is necessary will be required to furnish the authorizing official, as noted above, complete details of the proposed activity, including the extent of his/her financial interest.

"Non-commercial" activities is defined as any sale or offer to sale or buy for the purpose of securing a profit for the benefit of any non-profit organization.  If any portion of the proceeds from such sales or buys insures to the benefit of any individual making or soliciting the sale, the activity shall be treated as a commercial activity.  The Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs may approve non-commercial activities for the benefit of student organizations on a limited basis and the Vice-President of Financial and Administrative Services may approve activities for the benefit of charitable organizations on a limited basis.

Requests for permission shall be submitted in writing in advance to permit compliance with necessary regulations.  One or more persons authorized to implement any changes that may be required prior authorization should sign the request.

No activity subject to the terms of this policy may be initiated without proper authorization/identification.  The failure to obtain authorization or to comply with the terms of the authorization may result in disciplinary actions against students and campus organizations.  Other persons and non-student organizations in violation of the terms of this policy will be treated as trespassers.  The Campus Police will be notified of any authorized individuals soliciting on campus under the provisions of this policy.  Likewise, in cases where unauthorized solicitations are found to be occurring on campus, the Campus Police and the appropriate authorizing official shall be notified immediately.

Exceptions - Activities excepted from this policy remain subject to any other applicable regulations, and any person proposing to undertake such activities is required to notify the authorizing official in order to afford an opportunity for determination that the activity is in fact exempted.

  1. This policy does not apply to the sale and distribution of newspapers or political materials.  This exception is to be interpreted strictly, but sales of merchandise to raise money for political or partisan purposes are not within the exception.
  2. The sale or offering for sale of personal property by individual members of the academic community is not within the scope of this policy, as long as the property in question was not bought for the purpose of resale.  Notice to the authorizing official is not required.