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Faculty Handbook

The Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) Faculty Handbook is a resource document that provides VWCC faculty with information about the policies and procedures which affect their employment and which assist them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Most of the policies and procedures that govern VWCC faculty are prescribed by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and apply to faculty throughout the VCCS. These system wide policies and procedures are provided in the VCCS Policy Manual. Local policies, procedures, and issues that apply specifically to the faculty at VWCC are provided in the VWCC Faculty Handbook.

Faculty have access to the VCCS Policy Manual and the VWCC Faculty Handbook through the Faculty Information icon on everyone's desktop on their PC. Double click the faculty information icon and it will go directly to the Faculty Information page. The following links are available: VWCC Faculty Handbook, VCCS Policy Manual, Faculty Resources, Master Course File and College Policies.

It is important for VWCC faculty to remember that they are responsible for complying with both the system-wide procedures as set forth in the VCCS Policy Manual and the local policies and procedures as set forth by VWCC. Questions concerning areas that are not covered in either the VCCS Policy Manual or the VWCC Faculty Handbook should be directed to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

The following policies and procedures apply to both Full-Time and Adjunct faculty unless otherwise indicated.

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