Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Human Resources Manager II

Position Number: 00080

Reports to: College President (00074)

Plan, implement, direct, and leads a comprehensive human resource function for one of the larger VCCS colleges involving the full range of human resource programs and services. Carries out directives of the President in support of the President’s Office. Works directly with the President, Vice-Presidents, Deans, managers and employees on a wide variety of human resources issues and college projects.


Employment - Recruitment and Selection Processes

Develops, implements, and manages recruitment and selection procedures and methods in accordance with DHRM, VCCS, SCHEV, and college policies and federal and state laws governing employment. Develops and maintains effective recruitment sources for attracting qualified candidates for full-time and part-time positions. Consults with managers and supervisors on the best methods of recruiting candidates for vacancies. Consults with managers and supervisors on selection processes and compliance with all federal and state laws affecting employment and takes corrective action when problems have occurred or may occur in the hiring processes. Approves starting salaries and negotiation terms for job offers with selected candidates. Develops and writes EEO and Affirmative Action Plans as required, pursuant to the Governor's Executive Order, SCHEV guidelines, DHRM directives, and federal law. Communicates to the college population the goals and objectives of the affirmative action plan. Monitors plan objectives to ascertain if they are being met and to recommend adjustments in the plans when objectives are not met. Compiles reports and reviews same with Affirmative Action Officer and the President. Trains supervisors and employees in EEO/AA requirements and ensures compliance with federal and state EEO statutes.


Performance Management; Employee Relations; Conflict Resolution; Policy Development

Manages a system of performance planning and evaluation and develops management plans in accordance with state policy. Communicates plans and policies to employees and supervisors. Counsels supervisors and managers on methods of dealing with difficult employee performance problems. Interprets policies as they relate to discipline or conduct, such as, "Standards of Conduct and Performance Policy", "State Employee Grievance Procedure", "Faculty Grievance Procedure", and other faculty policies. Counsels employees on policies, problems with supervisors and/or co-workers, and performance or behavioral problems. Approves, disapproves, or modifies recommended disciplinary actions proposed by supervisors prior to any action being taken in order to ensure fairness, consistency and compliance with policy and standard employee relations practices. Prepares cases for EEO or employment complaints and represents the college in fact-finding conferences and hearings. Confers with Attorney General's Office in matters of litigation. Consults with and guides managers and supervisors in preparations for and responses to grievances, hearings and litigation. Advises employees on grievance rights and procedures, conflict resolution, and standards of conduct issues. Interprets current federal and state laws and VCCS and DHRM policies and establishes programs to train managers, supervisors and employees on methods to comply with laws and policies via group meetings, memoranda, training sessions, etc. Creates the Classified Employee Handbook and updates sections of the Faculty Handbook to reflect VCCS and college policy.


Training and Workplace Safety

Develops and implements a system of training and development for all college employees through an organized needs assessment process. Organizes and coordinates specialized training as needed. Directs the training activities based on an established training calendar. Evaluates the conduct of training and its impact on the college and its employees. Establishes and oversees new employee orientations for faculty and staff to ensure new employees are properly trained in state and college policies, practices, and opportunities. Administers provisions of state, VCCS and college educational aid policies. Coordinates job safety programs through various department heads and conducts safety leadership training for supervisors. Administers the Worker's Compensation Act for all job-related illnesses and injuries and administers effective return-to-work programs for injured employees. Chairs the Campus Safety/Security Committee that involves efforts to promote the safety and welfare of the entire college campus. Develops policies and procedures promoting campus safety for students and employees, including crisis management planning, threat assessments and risk analyses.


Support to College President and Administration

Develops policies and guidelines for college controls as directed by the President. Carries out duties as assigned by the President for the benefit of his office, including communications with area General Assembly delegation and members of the U.S. Congress on issues important to the college. Serves on VCCS and college legislative committees and task forces. Develops a wide variety of reports for the President, serves on the President's Staff and attends meetings as required. Represents the President at various meetings and functions as directed. Provides presentations, reports, etc. about the college to various groups as directed. Performs related work as directed by the President.


Classification and Compensation

Analyzes administrative and professional faculty position descriptions, conducts job evaluations and gathers additional data            to determine appropriate classification actions. Reviews and approves actions on all positions within decentralized authority, and submits others for review and approval at the VCCS and DHRM levels. Consults with and directs the Employment & Training Manager on classification issues and acts on recommendations. Trains and consults with supervisors and employees on the classification processes and communicates classification decisions to supervisors and employees. Conducts organizational studies to determine the appropriate level of classifications for administrative and professional faculty and classified positions. Administers classification policies of the state in ensuring the periodic review of all positions. Manages and administers compensation policies of the DHRM and VCCS. Periodically, conducts compensation studies of administrative and faculty rank positions for internal alignment and salary equity. Ensures that supervisors and managers understand rules and regulations and that employee pay is established pursuant to policy and the Fair Labor Standards Act.   Determines exempt/non-exempt nature of positions based on FLSA tests.


Faculty Contract Processes

Prepares, in conjunction with the President and Vice-Presidents, the annual faculty salary plan for calculating faculty employment contracts. Manages the preparation of full-time and part-time faculty contracts and appointment proposals. Advises faculty and administrators in the development of professional development plans. Guides faculty in the development of educational programs necessary to achieve future promotions in faculty rank. Reviews and verifies faculty eligibility for multi-year appointments and promotions. Prepares faculty promotion documentation and counsels faculty members on future eligibility for promotion in faculty rank.


Employee Benefits Administration

Administers and manages a comprehensive service delivery for employee benefits programs. Provides pre-retirement counseling to employees contemplating retirement. Interprets group hospitalization contract for employees and provides assistance to employees experiencing problems with claims processing. Maintains thorough knowledge of state benefits programs and disseminates information to employees on all programs. Administers leave of absence policies and interprets policy relative to leave, salary, usage, and college-wide application. 


Records Management and Transactions

Establishes and maintains a records management system on all employees of the college. Ensures that all transactions are recorded and reported accurately and promptly in PMIS and that actions affecting payroll are processed and that all employee claims or changes are processed fairly and expeditiously. Develops policies and procedures for security and release of employee files and information.


Administrative Duties

Develops the annual budget request and manages approved budget. Attends workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings related to the human resources management field. Serves on committees of the college as assigned, particularly the Affirmative Action Committee. Serves on VCCS and state committees and task forces as requested and assigned.