Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Coordinator of Developmental Education

Position Number: FA039

Reports to: Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs (FA010)

The Coordinator of Developmental Education is responsible for planning, developing and coordinating developmental education programs and services, including advising, for students placing in developmental mathematics and/or reading/writing. This is a twelve month, administrative faculty position reporting to the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs.

Develop and implement a comprehensive developmental education program mission. Develop short and long range program goals and objectives using the institution's assessment, research and other available resources. Work collaboratively to establish and maintain linkages among vital services for developmental students, including but not limited to academic support, tutorial services, disability services, student development, and new student orientation. Take an active role in Institutional retention efforts for developmentally placed students. In conjunction with the Institutional Effectiveness Office, manage planning, implementation and assessment of the college's developmental program. Prepare and submit comprehensive annual report, inclusive of outcomes and recommendations for improvement.

Serve as an institutional resource to enhance understanding of developmental educational theory and practice, and student learning styles and needs. Establish a collegial environment in which faculty, staff and supervisors are consulted concerning developmental education policy and related activities. Work closely with faculty to align developmental education policy and related activities. Work closely with faculty to align developmental curricula and learning outcomes. Provide information and guidance on effective pedagogical approaches and other instructional strategies to full and part-time faculty. Pursue opportunities to create effective, meaningful learning environments (ex. Hybrid courses, paired courses, linked courses, learning communities). Provide instructional guidance and support to instructors teaching student development courses. Conduct workshops designed to help developmental students experience academic success.

Counsel and advise new and prospective students following placement testing. Assist students in identifying curricular choices congruent with student's goals, placement, study skills, and time management. Assist developmentally-placed students with decision making and refer students to appropriate campus services as indicated by need. Develop and implement pre-college bridge programs, with a particular emphasis on the Community College Access Program (CCAP).

Participate on college committees as appropriate. Participate in relevant professional development activities. Seek external funding for supplemental support services, when appropriate. Collaborate with the Dean of Student Services in all matters pertaining to placement testing. Attend division meetings as appropriate. Maintain a visible presence both on campus and on-line.

03/2010, Updated 06/2011