Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Coordinator of Financial Aid & Veteran's Affairs

Position Number: FA090

Reports to: Dean of Student Services (FA099)

The Financial Aid Officer is responsible for the professional direction of the institution’s comprehensive programs of student financial aid and veterans’ affairs.


Manages all aspects of the day-to-day activities of the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Veterans’ Affairs.  Assigns specific duties to classified staff members, but provides input and direct assistance as needed.  These duties include, but are not necessarily limited, to the following:

  • Importing of student aid reports from the U. S. Education Department;
  • Collection of missing information and supportive documentation;
  • Verification of ED-selected student aid reports, and others with inconsistent/questionable data;
  • Determination of eligibility for financial aid funds, including grant/scholarship, work-study, and loan funds;
  • Awarding and disbursement of financial aid funds;
  • Use of professional judgment;
  • Establishment of consortium agreements with other educational institutions;
  • Coordination of financial aid resources with external providers such as the Virginia Employment Commission and the  Department of Rehabilitative Services;
  • Certification of eligible veterans and dependents of veterans for V.A. educational benefits.
  • Communication with students.

Administers all federal, state, and private financial aid programs in accordance with established regulations and guidelines, and otherwise in the best interest of the students and the institution.

  •  Provides annual award plans for the utilization of various federal and state allocations, including Federal Work-Study, Federal SEOG, CSAP, COMA, VGAP, PTAP, and HETAP.
  • Authorizes transfer of funds between programs, as needed and permitted;
  • Authorizes the carry-back and carry-forward of program funds, as needed and permitted.

Serves as ex-officio member of the College’s Financial Aid Committee

  • Develops and recommends college policies and procedures on financial aid
  • Presents appeal letters from students who are out of compliance with satisfactory academic progress standards, and assists in the evaluation of these;
  • Presents applications for the Virginia Western Academic Scholarships, and assists in the evaluation of these.

Maintains records and prepares reports

  • Prepares the annual Fiscal Operations Report, the annual OCR-B3 Report, and numerous SCHEV reports;
  • Collects data for the use of the college administration on the characteristics of financial aid applicants and recipients;
  • Collects data for the use of the college administration on the types and amounts of financial aid received by students;
  • Maintains records that allow for cross-year comparisons of financial aid activity (volume of applications and awards on comparable dates);
  • Keeps current the information used by USED to recertify eligibility to participate in federal financial aid programs.

Performs general administrative duties

  • Prepares and maintains the annual budget for the office;
  • Plans computer support services for the management of the college’s financial aid programs;
  • Supervises and evaluates classified staff members;
  • Responds to inquiries from federal, state, and local agencies, as well as other agencies/individuals.       

Assures the full utilization of federal and state allocations.

  • Regularly monitors the projected actual expenditure of grant funds that have been  awarded, taking into account the non-enrollment and part-time enrollment of award recipients;
  • Develops Summer Semester award schedules for the utilization of remaining grant funds that have not been awarded during the regular academic year;
  • Works directly with the Business Office, at the end of the fiscal year, in making sure that awards are fully expended.      

Regularly updates the college’s financial aid publications

  • The financial aid website on a continuing basis;
  • Financial aid brochures and application materials on an annual basis;
  • Financial aid sections of the college catalogue and student handbook on an annual basis;
  • The Financial Aid Office policies and procedures manual on a continuing basis;

Serves as a financial aid resource

  • Works closely with secondary school guidance counselors
  • Presents financial aid workshops, both on-campus and off-campus

Pursues professional development activities

  • Maintains membership in the Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrator (VASFAA);
  • Attends professional development conferences and workshops, including the annual VASFAA Conference and the annual VCCS Peer Group Conference.