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Dual Enrollment

About Dual Enrollment

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>> What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment gives high school and home schooled students the opportunity to earn college credits while meeting the requirements for high school graduation.

College credits earned at VWCC may, depending on the course:

  • meet the high school's graduation requirements.
  • be applied towards graduation at VWCC.
  • be transferred to another college or university.
  • provide introductory instruction that will help the student better succeed in degree programs.
  • help the student better prepare for entry-level workforce positions directly from high school, or with the completion of a career studies certificate.

>> Eligibility (High School & Home-School Students)

Any high school student who is a junior or senior and resides in the college's service area is eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program offered by his/her local high school. In some instances, students who are not yet juniors or seniors may register for dual enrollment classes with special permission. This request will need to be approved by the VWCC department head or Dual Enrollment Coordinator and by the College President prior to course registration.

Students must:

  • have their parent's permission.
  • have their guidance counselor's or school administrator's permission to enroll in any dual courses taught at the high school, or in any on-campus courses for which they would like to receive concurrent high school credit from the school division.
  • complete the entire application process.
  • successfully complete the Virginia Placement Testing (VPT) required for admission to the college.
  • successfully satisfy all pre-requisites that may be required for specific courses before they can be accepted into the dual-enrolled class (check the college catalog for course information).

Dual Enrollment students should earn a "C" or better in their class to progress to a sequential course in that content area. This is to ensure college readiness for the student. Poor success in dual enrollment classes could result in a loss of future college financial aid, the inability to participate in programs like CCAP based on low GPAs and may limit the acceptance and course transferability of the class to other colleges.

Acceptance of AP, IB, CLEP, or Industry Credentialing Examinations for pre-requisite requirements is at the discretion of the VWCC program dean or VWCC curriculum department head.

Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students must provide a copy of a home-school agreement approved by the school district or a letter from the local school board or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/legal guardian declaring home-school for religious exemption. Documentation of parental permission is required for all home-schooled dual enrollment students.

Home-schooled students who are under 18 years of age, and who wish to take a college class or classes on the VWCC campus, will need to call the Enrollment Center at 855-874-6690 and indicate that they are home-schooled and request information concerning admission and registration for classes.

Home-schooled students must successfully complete the Virginia Placement Testing (VPT) required for admission to the college and satisfy all course pre-requisites.

>> Fees & Refunds

Tuition for dual enrollment classes offered at the high school is negotiated with school districts based on VCCS guidelines and may offer significant savings to the student. Participation in a dual enrollment class is a voluntary option for students. Local school systems might choose to determine if fees are appropriate for instructional materials beyond those used in the non-dual equivalent class. These fees are determined by each local school system and not by Virginia Western. Fees and tuition are paid to the school division and not to VWCC and may vary from one school system to another.

Full VWCC tuition will be charged to students who would like to enroll in the VWCC Academy or in a VWCC class, taught on our campus (or satellite campus) or online by VWCC faculty. High school credit for these classes would be at the discretion of the school district.


Refunds for tuition paid directly to VWCC by students who choose to drop or withdraw from a class will follow VWCC policy guidelines.

Refund requests for tuition or fees paid to the school division for dual enrollment classes are at the discretion of the school division. Each school system has its own refund policy for students who drop dual enrolled classes. Check with the school's guidance personnel concerning refunds.

>> Financial Aid

Students who are still attending high school are not eligible for any financial aid programs offered through the college.

Some school systems may offer some form of financial assistance to students who wish to take dual enrollment courses. Check with your high school guidance counselor to determine if financial assistance is available through your school system for dual enrolled classes.

>> Teacher Credentials

All high school teachers who are dual enrollment instructors have been fully credentialed by Virginia Western Community College in compliance with the regulations and criteria established by the VCCS.

In addition, once a high school teacher is credentialed as a dual enrollment instructor, he or she has met the credentialing requirements to serve as an adjunct faculty member for Virginia Western Community College. This credentialing process insures that all dual enrollment instructors meet the necessary criteria for not only teaching dual enrolled college-level courses at their home school but, also, should the occasion arise, be eligible to teach on-campus classes for the college.

>> Transferability of Course Credits

Unlike advanced placement and international baccalaureate programs, dual enrollment classes carry college credit and are not dependent on a particular score on a standardized testing instrument before a college will grant credit for the various courses taken in these programs. Students who elect college-level dual enrollment transfer courses should experience little difficulty in transferring these credits to four-year colleges and universities after they graduate from high school. Verification of transfer credits is the responsibility of the student and should be reviewed with the admission office of the college to which they choose to attend. Articulation agreements between VWCC and four year colleges are for degree programs, not specific individual classes.

An approved list of VWCC transfer courses can be found in the college catalog.

Information about articulation agreements and transfer policies between VWCC and Virginia colleges can be found here.

Information about transferring course credits to other Virginia colleges can be found here.

>> Taking Classes on Campus

Students who are still attending a local high school and who wish to take a college class on the VWCC campus need to have permission from their parents and their school principal or counselor. The principal or school counselor needs to complete the Virginia Western Community College High School/Home-School Enrollment Procedures Form (PDF). The form will need to be presented to the VWCC Enrollment Center before they will be allowed to register for on-campus classes. Registration for classes must be completed in the Enrollment Center.

Classes taken on campus will carry the full cost of the class at the current rate of tuition. Students are responsible for the cost of the class(es) and not the local school system. Local school divisions will determine if classes taken on the VWCC campus can be transferred back to the high school in order to complete certain graduation requirements.

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