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Hall Internship Program (HIP)

Get HIP - Three Experiential Classes to Move You Towards Your Chosen Career!

"I'm ready to graduate, but I don't have any contacts in my field."

"Nobody will hire me, because I don't have any experience."

Sound familiar? Register for these three classes to help overcome these concerns!

Internships help students test out careers in the workplace. They also help students find jobs after graduation. Interns tend to receive more job offers and higher salaries than graduates who have not had work experience! Many employers are paying students during their internships.

SDV 106 - 1 Credit

Students spend this class learning how to write a resume, job search and interview. Good employee work skills are also reviewed. Students discuss their learning and work styles and determine how best to fit those styles into the work environment. Students will spend class time reviewing possible internship sites and interviewing for positions from an approved list. SDV 106 is a pre-requisite for students wanting to set up an employer-based internship.

SDV 190 - 2 Credits

After completing SDV 106, students are prepared to begin an internship placement that was selected during SDV 106. Interns work approximately 10 hours per week with their selected employer. Schedules and work experiences are determined by the employer and student working together. Students maintain regular contact with their class instructor who is available to guide and advise both the student and employer/supervisor. While there is no classroom requirement for this class, students will provide weekly written updates to their instructor. Many employers provide a stipend or wage to the student during the internship.

SDV 290 - 3 Credits

If both the student and the employer agree, an internship can be extended for additional semesters wherein the student can work approximately 15 hours per week at the job site. Students continue to interface with the course instructor and provide status updates. Employers are encouraged, but not required, to provide a stipend to students during this internship.

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