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Regional Academy

Welcome to the Regional Academy

This is an exciting opportunity to help you prepare for a career or academic pathway. The Academy is a selective admission program for highly motivated students that want to focus on specific programs of study that will lead to employment after the program or transfer opportunities to four-year colleges or universities. Students in this program must demonstrate strong academic skills, be recommended by high school or community leaders, and maintain a 3.0 to continue in the academy.

As an orientation to the Academy, please review the following information.

>> How much does the Regional Academy cost?

The cost depends on the number of credits a student takes each semester. Students can find the cost and pay their tuition through their MYVWCC portal. If you would like to review costs before enrolling in the classes, please refer to this tuition chart.

>> When is my tuition due?

Tuition must be paid prior to the start of the term. The last day to pay tuition for Fall, 2020 Academy Classes is 8/18 (August 18th). After that date, students could be dropped for non-payment and are not guaranteed seats if they try to re-enroll.

>> Fees & Refunds

Tuition for dual enrollment classes offered at the high school is negotiated with school districts based on VCCS guidelines and may offer significant savings to the student. Participation in a dual enrollment class is a voluntary option for students. Local school systems might choose to determine if fees are appropriate for instructional materials beyond those used in the non-dual equivalent class. These fees are determined by each local school system and not by Virginia Western. Fees and tuition are paid to the school division and not to VWCC and may vary from one school system to another.

Full VWCC tuition will be charged to students who would like to enroll in the VWCC Academy or in a VWCC class, taught on our campus (or satellite campus) or online by VWCC faculty. High school credit for these classes would be at the discretion of the school district.


Refunds for tuition paid directly to VWCC by students who choose to drop or withdraw from a class will follow VWCC policy guidelines.

Refund requests for tuition or fees paid to the school division for dual enrollment classes are at the discretion of the school division. Each school system has its own refund policy for students who drop dual enrolled classes. Check with the school's guidance personnel concerning refunds.

>> Financial Aid

Students who are still attending high school are not eligible for any financial aid programs offered through the college.

Some school systems may offer some form of financial assistance to students who wish to take dual enrollment courses. Check with your high school guidance counselor to determine if financial assistance is available through your school system for dual enrolled classes.

>> I heard there is some scholarship money for certain programs. Do I qualify for that?

The Claude Moore Foundation offered grant funding for part of the academies related to health professions in the past. They determine their grants yearly, and we have applied for additional help. There is no guarantee from year to year if the grant funds will be available. If they are, we will notify students in the Health Science, Pre-Health and CNA programs and invite the students to complete the scholarship application form. Please refer to the Scholarship link for more information. If funds are available, the college will refund the amount available to the student up to the grant maximum. The grant does not cover the full cost of the program. The grant will not pay to repeat a class and the student must be program placed in the health related program of study and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

>> How do I know what courses to sign up for in the Academy?

For a list of courses for your Academy, refer to the Academy Programs page.

>> Where can I go to find a course description and what I will study in that course?

Visit the college catalog at this link.

>> What are the computer requirements for the academy classes?

You will find a list of technology requirements and recommendations on this page.

>> What if I don’t have good internet service?

You should determine that before signing up for the classes. It is up to the student to find and provide the resources needed for the course.

>> What textbooks do I need?

Students should refer to their CANVAS account, the course outline, and/or check with the college bookstore for information about the needed textbooks. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the resources needed for the class.

>> Where can I learn about using MYVWCC, my CANVAS account, my e-mail, and other on-line resources?

You can learn more about our Learning Technologies on this page.

>> I have a class or lab on campus, how do I find my way around?

>> My class is on-line. How do I get started with on-line learning at VWCC?

You can view the online learning checklist at this link.

>> My high school offers the same course that I need for the Academy. Can I take it there?

Most students prefer to take all of their academy classes as a cohort. However, if your high school offers the same class, then yes, you can take it there. If available, and you are interested, another academy class can be taken in its place during the academy time slot to expedite your completion of the program or to explore additional pathways.

>> What if I decide to drop a class? Will I get a refund?

Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from a VWCC Dual Enrollment Class

  • For classes at the high school, only the guidance department can request an “add’, “drop” or “withdraw” for the student. Discuss your needs with them.
  • DROPPING a class must be done by the date on the dual calendar, or you will not receive a refund for tuition.
  • After the drop date, you can WITHDRAW from the college portion of the dual class, but you will not receive a refund, and a “W” will appear on your official college transcript.

>> Where do I find the dual enrollment forms that I need to submit?

You can find the required form on our Forms Page.

>> Where do I park?

You can view our parking policy on this page.

>> When do my classes start and end?

You can view class start and end dates on this page.

>> What time does my class meet?

If the class has a room number assigned, then it is on-campus at that time. Most likely this would be the lab portion of the class.

If the class has a time assigned, but no room number, then it is on-line, at the specific time via zoom. This is a synchronous class. The student and instructor are on-line at the same time.

If the class has no time, and no room number, but instead says "TBA" then it is offered on -line with no set meeting time. This is an asynchronous class which allows the student to work on their own time, basically 24/7.

For all classes, check the syllabus or CANVAS information regarding assignment due dates.

>> What policies (rules) do I need to know as a college student at VWCC?

You can view the student-related college policies on this page.

>> What about COVID and on-campus classes?

You can view information about Virginia Western's response to COVID-19 on this page.

>> How do I contact my course instructors?

You will find your course instructors in the college directory.

Contact Us

Dr. Kathryn H. Beard, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Phone: 540-857-7235

Kelly Albert, Dual Enrollment Specialist

Phone: 540-857-7313
Fax: 540-857-6478
Location: Fishburn Hall F125C

Mailing Address 3093 Colonial Ave SW Roanoke, VA 24015