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I-65: Student ID Policy

Policy Number: I-65
Last Reviewed: April 23, 2020
Last Revised: April 23, 2020
Responsible Dept.: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.

Student ID cards are available for your official photo identification as a Virginia Western Community College student.

This is an official Student ID card that can be used to verify your identity for official government purposes. Examples might include employment (Form I-9 identification) or for Virginia Voter Identification.

First Time ID (credit and non-credit students)

Students taking credit or non-credit classes at Virginia Western who wish to obtain a photo Student ID should present the following documents and information to the Student ID desk:

  • Proof of identification must be one of the following:
    • Driver’s License
    • DMV ID
    • Passport
    • Military ID
    • High School ID
    • For students under 18 years old who are unable to present a document above, a school record/report card or medical record with a birth certificate will be accepted in lieu of the government issued ID.
  • EMPL ID number (7-digit student ID number)
  • Copy of student schedule for the current academic term (print or electronic copy).

New students who attend a Discover orientation may obtain a card before the semester begins. All other new students will be served on the first day of their classes of each academic term.

Student IDs are not required to attend classes, and can be obtained throughout the semester during open office hours or by appointment.

Students will receive a photo ID card with a current term ID Validation Sticker. The first Student ID is free of charge for all students.

Updating the ID Validation Sticker

Returning students with a Student ID Card should bring their card and a copy of their schedule (print or electronic copy) to get an ID Validation Sticker for the current academic term. Without this sticker, the card is invalid.

Returning students who have had a gap in enrollment must use the first card issued and are subject to the replacement policy.

Students in Restricted Admissions Programs

Students in a restricted admission program (credit or non-credit) are eligible to have their Student ID processed as a group as part of their program orientation through their faculty program coordinator, or designee.

The faculty member coordinating the process is responsible for ensuring that identity documents have been presented and verified.

The faculty member coordinating the process will follow these procedures:

  • Take photos of students (head and shoulders only) against a solid-color background.
  • Send photos and full names of students with their corresponding EMPL ID numbers to the Student Activities Coordinator.
  • The Student Activities Coordinator will return to the faculty member for distribution to students.

Online Students

Students who are declared online students and who live outside the Virginia Western service region are eligible to have their Student ID cards processed remotely and mailed to the student home address. Students who meet this criteria must fill out a web request form on the Student ID website to initiate the process of getting a Student ID.

Replacement Cards

A $5 replacement fee will be charged for any lost or stolen cards. Please pay the fee to the Cashier's Office and bring the receipt to the Student ID Office to show proof of payment. Students may retake a photo at this time, if needed.

Damaged or excessively worn cards will be reissued at no cost at the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator. The student must surrender the old card at the time of reissue.

Students who have had a gap in enrollment of two years or more will have the replacement fee waived.

General Information

The Student ID card is not transferable to another person. Students may be subject to disciplinary action for lending a Student ID card to someone else, possessing more than one Student ID, and attempting to use a card of another individual.

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