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I-60: Inclement Weather - Pandemic Exception - Clinical Classes

Policy Number: I-60
Last Reviewed: February 8, 2021
Responsible Dept.: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.

Inclement weather may result in the college opening late or cancelling day and/or night classes.

When you hear an announcement that "Virginia Western Community College is closed" or "Virginia Western Community College classes are cancelled" any activities or operations associated with the college are cancelled and the college is closed.

When you hear an announcement that "Virginia Western Community College will open at 10:00 AM" the college is operating on a delayed schedule listed below. All classes will be held, but on a compressed schedule. Prior to 10:00 AM, the college is closed.

For safety reasons, no one should arrive on campus more than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled opening time unless they are identified as "Designated Employees" in Human Resources' "Office Closings & Inclement Weather Policy".

Every effort will be made to notify the campus community of a delay and/or closing/cancellation as soon as feasible. Many factors are considered during an inclement weather event which requires internal and external coordination.

Closings and delays are announced through multiple sources listed below.

Day Classes

Day classes are classes that start before 5:00 PM.

Notice of delays or closing/cancellation for day classes will normally occur prior to 6:00 AM.

Night Classes

Night classes are classes that start at 5:00 PM or later.

Notice of closing/cancellation for night classes will normally occur before 4:00 PM.

Off-Campus Locations

If Virginia Western is closed or operating on a delayed schedule, all off-campus locations including the Franklin Center, the Greenfield Center and the Claude Moore Education Center will also be delayed or closed/cancelled.

If the conditions at an off-site location vary significantly from the main campus and that site needs to close, a specific announcement about that particular site will be made. Closings and delays are announced through multiple sources listed below.

Health Profession Programs Off-Campus Clinical Affiliations

Due to limited clinical placements during the pandemic and accreditation requirements, health profession programs off-campus clinicals may be held on days when the College is closed. This applies only to off-campus clinical sites and does not apply to those being held on campus. Students will be notified by their program no later than 6:30 AM for day classes or no later than 4:30 PM for night classes if classes will be held. If the College is closed and students receive no notification, then classes will follow the closure along with the rest of the College.

Academy Students

High school students enrolled in a Virginia Western Academy class should not attend Virginia Western classes if the college is closed or delayed. In addition, if Virginia Western is open but the high school the student attends is closed, the student is excused from Virginia Western classes.

VW Alert System

Text message alerts are sent through the VW Alert System. Sign up for the VW Alert at

Local TV Stations

Closings and delays are communicated to the following local TV Stations:

WDBJ TV / Channel 7
WSLS TV / Channel 10
WSET TV / Channel 13
WFXR TV / Channel 27

Other Announcements

Closings and delays are also announced on local radio stations and the website at

Delayed Opening Class Schedule
Regular Class Meeting Schedule Delayed Class Meeting Schedule
8:00-8:50 10:00-10:40
8:00-9:15 10:00-11:05
8:00-9:50 10:00-11:25
8:00-10:45 10:00-12:10
8:00-12:30 10:00-1:30
8:30-10:00 10:20-11:25
9:00-9:50 10:45-11:25
9:00-10:15 10:45-11:50
9:00-10:50 10:45-12:10
9:00-11:00 10:45-12:10
9:00-11:45 10:45-12:55
9:00-12:30 10:45-1:25
9:00-1:15 10:45-2:00
9:30-10:45 11:10-12:15
9:30-11:20 11:10-12:40
10:00-10:50 11:30-12:10
10:00-11:15 11:30-12:35
10:00-11:50 11:30-12:55
10:00-12:45 11:30-1:40
10:30-12:00 11:55-1:00
11:00-11:50 12:20-1:00
11:00-12:15 12:20-1:25
11:00-12:30 12:20-1:25
11:00-12:50 12:20-1:40
11:00-1:45 12:20-2:30
12:00-12:50 1:05-1:45
12:00-1:50 1:05-2:30
12:30-1:45 1:30-2:30
12:30-2:20 1:30-3:00
1:00-1:50 1:50-2:30
1:00-2:15 1:50-2:50
1:00-2:50 1:50-3:15
1:00-3:45 1:50-3:55
1:00-4:30 1:50-4:40
1:00-5:30 1:50-5:30
2:00-2:50 2:35-3:15
2:00-3:15 2:35-3:45
2:00-3:50 2:35-4:00
2:00-4:45 2:35-4:55
2:30-3:45 2:55-3:55
2:30-4:00 2:55-4:00
3:00-3:50 3:20-4:00
3:00-4:50 3:20-4:50
3:30-4:45 3:50-4:55
4:00-4:50 4:05-4:50
4:00-6:45 4:05-6:45
For Delayed Opening of the College

"Virginia Western will open at [time]." - Activated designated employees report on the regular schedule. Non-designated employees and teaching faculty are to report and be prepared to work by the official delayed opening. Campus is accessible 30 minutes prior to the designated opening time. Classes will be held according to the inclement weather delayed class schedule.

For Closing of the College

"Virginia Western is closed." - Activated designated employees are to report to work on the normal schedule. Non-designated employees do not report.

"Virginia Western will close at [time]." - Activated designated employees shall remain on duty, unless released by the immediate supervisor. Non-designated employees shall be released from work as of the official closing time.

"Virginia Western day classes are canceled." - Activated designated employees are to report to work on the normal schedule. Non-designated employees do not report unless they are scheduled to work after 5:00 PM.

"Virginia Western evening classes are canceled." - Activated designated employees are to report to work on the normal schedule. Non-designated employees do not report unless they are scheduled to work more than 30 minutes prior to the announced cancellation time. (Designated employees may be required to work during times they are not regularly scheduled to work.)

VWCC and WDS Contract Classes and/or Pre-Arranged Visitations/Appointments on Company Sites: In the event delayed openings occur or the college is closed at the main campus, classes and/or pre-arranged visitations and appointments that are delivered at company sites specifically for a particular client, shall continue as normal unless the company itself chooses to delay or cancel the class or appointment. Instructors of contract classes at company sites shall meet these classes as normal even though the main campus may have a delayed opening or is officially closed. The respective company shall inform the Vice-President of Workforce Development Services, the Coordinator of Workforce Services or the specific Workforce Development Specialist of any adjustment in contract class meetings, appointments and/or visitations as soon as possible when the event occurs.

It is very important for employees to use good judgment during times of inclement weather. When the college is open and inclement weather is prevalent, employees must ultimately decide for themselves whether conditions are safe for them to report to work. In instances where individual judgment dictates that you should remain at home rather than travel, you should notify your supervisor and charge your time away from work to accrued leave. For part-time hourly/wage employees, no leave is available to apply to missed time due to inclement weather travel concerns. There will be times when employees must exercise personal responsibility to determine when it is safe to travel.

For a current list of designated employees for inclement weather, refer to the Office Closings and Inclement Weather Policy located on the HR Policies and Procedures page on VW Connect.

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