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I-57: Financial Aid Bookstore Purchasing Policy

Policy Number: I-57
Last Reviewed: August 22, 2016
Responsible Dept.: Coordinator of Financial Aid, Records, and Veterans' Affairs

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.

Students may use excess financial aid in the College Bookstore to purchase only required books and supplies for registered courses deemed eligible for financial aid for the term.

Supplies can include:

  • One computer or tablet every three (3) years
  • One printer every three (3) years
  • Headphones under $50
  • One scientific calculator per year
  • One camera per year
  • Required uniforms. Uniforms required for a course should be stated on the course syllabus.
  • Required tools. Tools required for a course should be stated on the course syllabus.
  • Book bags
  • WEPA Printing Cards in $10 denominations.

Any other electronic item is considered not course related and may not be purchased with financial aid. Other items not approved for purchase with financial aid include but are not limited to apparel, food, cell phones, gift items, and gift/prepaid cards.

During the book purchase period, books and supplies purchased using financial aid cannot be returned to the College Bookstore for cash. Amounts for returned items must be credited back to the aid items that paid for the books and supplies on the student's account.

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