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I-5: Dual Enrollment Faculty Evaluation Plan

Policy Number: I-5
Last Reviewed: April 30, 2014
Responsible Dept.: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.

Virginia Western regularly evaluates dual enrollment faculty using the Student Evaluation of Instructor form, the instrument used to assess the teaching performance for all instructional faculty. The college follows a plan for evaluating dual enrollment faculty that is applicable to all who teach credit classes. This plan includes five major components, each one worth a certain number of points that total 16: (1) a self-evaluation, worth a possible two points; (2) a measure of the instructor's teaching performance using the Student Evaluation of Instructor form, worth a possible six points; (3) submission and review of required documents including the course syllabus, textbook, assessment examples, and student evaluations, worth a possible six points; (4) maintenance of positive professional relationships and adherence to college and VCCS policies, worth a possible two points. The second criteria allot points according to the following plan:

Criterion 2 - Overall Average of Responses to the Questions on the Student Evaluation of Instructor Form (If using evaluations done prior to Fall 2013 that have a 4.0 scale)

3.5 - 4.0: Excellent = 6 points
3.25 - 3.49: Very Good = 5 points
3.0 - 3.24: Very Good = 4 points
2.5 - 2.99: Good = 3 points
2.0 - 2.49: Good = 2 points
Below 2.0: Unsatisfactory = 0 points

Criterion 2 - Overall Average of Responses to the Questions on the Student Evaluation of Instructor Form (If using evaluations done Fall 2013 or later that have a 5.0 scale)

4.37 - 5.0: Excellent = 6 points
4.0 - 4.36: Very Good = 5 points
3.75 - 3.99: Very Good = 4 points
3.12 - 3.74: Good = 3 points
2.5 - 3.11: Good = 2 points
Below 2.5: Unsatisfactory = 0 points

Dual enrollment instructors receive an overall evaluation based upon the total number of points they earn, with 15-16 corresponding to "Excellent"; 12-14, to "Very Good"; 8-11, to "Good"; and below 8, "Unsatisfactory."

The plan prescribes that dual enrollment faculty meet with their supervisors, either a dean or program head, for a formal evaluation conference during first contract period and at designated intervals thereafter (assuming that their student evaluations reveal satisfactory teaching performance during intervening contracts). All dual enrollment instructors will administer student evaluations during each course they teach, and these evaluations will continue to be shared with them. Each of these assessments--the results of student evaluations and the record of the evaluation conference--will be maintained in the dual enrollment faculty member's permanent file at the college. The plan for dual enrollment faculty evaluation thus prescribes an orderly system of assessment that ensures that instructors are evaluated formally, appropriately, and regularly.

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