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I-4: Supervising Independent Study Policy

Policy Number: I-4
Last Reviewed: October 15, 2012
Responsible Dept.: Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President's Office.


To provide instruction and guidance for students who require an independent study to complete their coursework when a regular section of the class is not available or appropriate to their needs.


Due to the unstructured nature of independent study and low number of students engaged in similar study at any given time, qualified full-time faculty who meet the VCCS-29 credentialing requirements will supervise the student's endeavors without remuneration or additional workload credit. If there is no qualified full-time faculty member in a discipline which requires an independent study, a part-time faculty member may be asked to meet this need.


  1. Independent studies may be proposed by either a student or a faculty member, but must be approved by the Dean of the academic school and the faculty member must be willing to conduct it.
  2. The independent study will be listed in the course schedule with the assigned faculty as the contact person.
  3. If a qualified full-time faculty member is not available, the dean may request an adjunct faculty member with needed expertise fill this role.

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