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Inclement Weather & Delayed Class Schedule

As inclement weather creates situations when the college finds it necessary to make adjustments in its class schedules and normal operating hours, it is important to understand the announcements made on local radio/television stations. Announcements will also be posted on the college's telephone information system at 857-VWCC (8922) and the website at However, it is strongly suggested that you pay greater attention to the announcements made through radio and television outlets as the phone system and the website may, at times, be delayed in making the information available.

An excellent method to directly receive office closing notifications is through the VW Mass Notification System. This is the text messaging system installed as part of the VWCC Emergency Alert System. If you have not already done so, enroll in the VW Mass Notification System right away to receive the text message alerts regarding college closings and other emergency alerts. These alerts may also be sent to your work and/or home computers. You may enroll in the VW Mass Notification System at


While Virginia Western is explicit in its announcements to the media, the media in turn may announce information differently and it may be confusing. Be sure to listen often to these outlets to ascertain the college's status. It is important that all college personnel be alert to radio and television announcements when any doubt exists concerning college closings or delayed openings:

  • Notice of closing/cancellation for day classes will normally occur prior to 6:00 AM
  • Notice of closing/cancellation for evening/night classes will normally occur between 3:00 and 4:00 PM

Day classes begin before 5:00 PM. Evening/night classes begin at 5:00 PM or later.

When you hear an announcement that "Virginia Western Community College is closed", or "Virginia Western Community College classes are canceled", ANY activities or operations associated with the college are canceled and the college is closed.

When you hear an announcement that "Virginia Western will open at [time]", classes will be held according to the inclement weather delayed class schedule.

Due to changes in weather patterns and/or successful snow removal efforts, the status of day classes and evening classes may vary from time to time. The college will assess its ability to open or close twice per day and will always issue office closing announcements.

In the event day classes are canceled but evening classes are held, instructors are responsible for arrangements in meeting their classes, whether on campus or off campus. In the reverse order, the same responsibilities hold true.

Read the official Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy for Faculty & Staff

Off-Campus Locations

If Virginia Western is closed or operating on a delayed schedule, all off-campus locations including the Franklin Center, the Greenfield Center and the Claude Moore Center will also be closed or delayed.

If the conditions at an off-site location vary significantly from the main campus and that site needs to close, a specific announcement about that particular site will be made.

Closings and delays are announced through multiple sources listed above.

Academy Students

High school students enrolled in a Virginia Western Academy class should not attend Virginia Western classes if the college is closed or delayed. In addition, if Virginia Western is open but the high school the student attends is closed, the student is excused from Virginia Western classes.