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Welding Class & AWS Certification


Students will learn GMAW and FCAW welding methods. Credentials include an OSHA 10 Certification, a Commonwealth of Virginia Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), and an American Welding Society (AWS) Certification. The course meets over 64 hours. Dates, times, and frequency will be determined each semester.

At the end of the course, students will weld inspection coupons which will be forwarded to a Certified Welding Instructor (CWI). Successful students will receive an AWS certification.

An additional three hours are required for CRC testing. CRC testing will be scheduled by the Workforce Development Coordinator.


Students must purchase the following equipment for WELD 2242 only:

Description Units Unit Price Quantity
Pliers, Wire each $21.87 1
Helmet each $21.88 1
Gloves, GMAW pair $9.21 1
Glasses, Safety each $6.04 1
Boots, Steel-toed pair $50.00 1
Jacket, Welding each $18.00 1

Total cost varies depending on place of purchase. Estimated equipment price is $127.00.

Student materials may be purchased prior to the first day of class, or from an Air Gas representative.


Welding Training and AWS Certification

  • Class Number: WELD 2242
  • Location: Burton Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) – Welding Lab
  • Cost: $2,000/student

Tuition Includes: Course instructions, textbooks, consumable material, CRC Certification, OSHA 10 Certification and AWS Certifications.

AWS Certification Only

  • Class Number: WELD 2200
  • Location: Main Campus – W125 – Welding Lab
  • Cost: TBD/student/method

WELD 2200 is an AWS certification only with no training. This course is offered to completers of the Welding and Metal Processing Career Studies Certificate program, completers of other welding training programs, and to career welders. Tuition includes: Consumable material and AWS Certification. AWS Certifications include FCAW, SMAW, GMAW and GTAW

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