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Virginia Western is looking for motivated, responsible adults eager to change careers or start manufacturing or technical careers that offer competitive wages, benefits and opportunities for advancement.


VWCC QuickConnect Welding programs are non-credit intensive training programs that prepare students for entry-level positions as welders. Students are provided with the basic knowledge, skills and credentials required to be successful in the workplace.

Class begins on 8/27/2014 and will run through 12/17/2014
Cost: $2,000 per student


WELD 2242 - Welding & AWS Qualification

Students will learn GMAW and FCAW welding processes as well as OXY Fuel/Plasma and Carbon Arc Cutting. GMAW, GMAW-s and FCAW welding processes will be taught Flat, Vertical and Horizontal in lab applications. Students will also learn Basic Fabrication and become familiar with Blueprint symbols. Shop safety will also be implemented.

Textbooks used are Welding Skills, Processes and Practices for Entry Level Welders. (Books 1 & 2).
Length of Class: 64 hours

Credentials available include:
OSHA 10, Commonwealth of Virginia Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), American Welding Society stamped Qualification for GMAW & FCAW welding processes.

WELD 2241- Welding & NCCER Certification:

Students will learn welding safety; base metal prep; weld quality; FCAW/ GMAW/GTAW/SMAW/OFC-Oxy Fuel Cutting and Plasma Arc Cutting welding processes.

Textbooks used are NCCER Core Curriculum: Trainee Guide, 4th Ed.; NCCER Welding Training Guide Level 1, 4th Ed.
Length of Class: 70 hours

Credentials available include:
OSHA 10; Commonwealth of Virginia Career Readiness Certificate (CRC); American Welding Society stamped Qualification; NCCER Level One Core Certification; and NCCER Level One Welding Certification

Students must purchase the following Personal Protective Equipment for all welding courses:

Description Unit Price Quantity
Wire Pliers $20 1
Helmet $30 1
Gloves, GMAW $15 1
Safety Glasses $10 1
Boots, Steel-toed $50 1
Welding Jacket $25 1

Estimated equipment price is $150.00.

For additional information

Please contact James Smith at 540-857-6273 or or contact a VWCC Career Transition Coach at (540) 857-6296 (Deb Squire) or (540) 857-6279 (Amanda Decker).