Earth Day Every Day

Care And Respect the Earth

Virginia Western Community College is committed to operating the college in a way that responsibly utilizes our natural resources. We encourage our Faculty, Staff, and Students to engage in behavior that supports conservation and sustainability.

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Energy Usage on Campus

Curious about energy usage on campus? See what's happening with the Westridge Energy, LLC Virtual Energy Manager. (Note: You may be prompted to install a Java add-on or plug-in. Site works best in IE or Chrome.)

Sustainability Updates

VW Sustainability Committee Best Practices

The following is a list of "best practices" developed by the Virginia Western Sustainability Committee. It is designed as a practical guide to follow with the hopes of making your daily routine more environmentally sound and to promote sustainable practices in and around the Virginia Western campus community.


  • Shut down your computer at the end of every workday.


  • Turn out office lights when not in office.
  • Consider whether it is necessary to run all of the lights in the classroom and/or office.
  • When using overhead projectors turn off some or all lights.


  • Consider whether it's possible to even go beyond the VCCS recommendation/mandate for using the textbook for three years.
  • Consider use of ebooks as well.


  • There is a battery recycling bucket in every division.
  • Call the Help Desk to have toner cartridges picked up.


  • Coffee makers rather than having a pot with a heating element that stays on, use a one-cup coffee maker with a paper pod, rather than a plastic pod to save on waste, and then compost the pod.
  • Remove personal refrigerators from individual offices and use community refrigerators instead, where possible.
  • Do not use space heaters as they create a self-defeating cycle in the HVAC system which creates serious energy waste. Dress warmer?

Alternative Methods of Disseminating Information

  • Eliminate flyers on campus by using the VWConnect, webpage, even emails instead.
  • Use half-sheets when possible, if printing is needed.
  • Use the Printing Services department when possible, this saves on toner and electricity.
  • Use Blackboard for all handouts, including course syllabi.
  • Use Blackboard for assignment submission and for testing.
  • Save Powerpoints so they must be printed four or six slides to a page.


VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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