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Clubs & Student Organizations

Joining a club or student organization is a great way to get involved on campus, meet new people and develop leadership experience! Many student organizations have opportunities to gain hands-on experience in your field of study.

If you are interested in joining a club at Virginia Western, contact the faculty advisor listed with the club information.

For more information about starting a new club, please contact the Student Activities Office in the Student Life Center, Room S307 (3rd floor) at 540-857-6326 or download the application form. You can also email Natasha Lee, Student Activities Coordinator, at

List of Clubs and Organizations

Alliance Français

To bring together a community of French culture and language enthusiasts! Our goal is to give students an opportunity to practice French and learn about French culture (including food, politics, pop culture, music, film and literature).

Faculty Sponsor:
Sarah Chitwood
857-6399 | Humanities - Room 117

American Dental Hygienists' Association (Student Chapter)

Promotes the dental hygiene profession and provides community education and awareness.  Supports students as they prepare for graduation and Board Exams.

Faculty Sponsor:
Colleen M. Hailey
857-6284 | Fralin Center - Room 118

Armed Forces Student Association

Socialization for armed forces veterans and their families. This group is a chapter of the Student Veterans of America.

Faculty Sponsor:
Amy Williamson
857-6521 | Anderson Hall - Room 118B
Adam O'Neil

Art Club

Promotes art by the college to the community. Organizes the Spring Fling Juried Art Show.

Faculty Sponsor:
Sue Thomas
857-6070 | Humanities - Room 213E

Biology Club

Provides opportunities to explore biology in the world around them. Club explores current topics in research, and provides opportunities for guest speakers, journal discussions, activities and field trips.

Faculty Sponsor:
Stacie Deaver
857-6739 | Fralin Center - Room 313

Chemistry Club

Promotes chemistry to students and the surrounding community. By engaging students through outreach demonstrations, challenging journal articles, open discussions on current research topics, and field trips to view science in action, the faculty, staff, and officers of the club hope to create a culture of a positive learning environment center around science.

Faculty Sponsors:
Lanette Upshaw
857-6299 | Fralin Center - Room 319

Owen Lofthus
857-6304 | Fralin Center - Room 311

Mark Dudley
857-6259 | Fralin Center - Room 322

Chess Club

Playing chess, and using the game as a means to study and develop skills associated with higher level thinking.

T. Jonathan Bayer
857-6061 | Anderson 204

Circle K International

An international service club, supporting service on campus and in the community. CKI also strongly supports building leadership and promoting personal growth, while providing a fun environment for making friendships.
Affiliated with Kiwanis International.

David Daniels
857-6288 | Fishburn Hall – Room 212E

Drama Club

Brings people together who have an interest in drama, theatre, acting, set design, and make up.

Faculty Sponsor:
Valerie Brugh
857-6352 | Duncan - Room 100

Exercise Science Club

To provide wellness resources to students, faculty and staff and to organize special events that promote physical activity and wellness.

Faculty Sponsor:
Karen Carpenter
857-6265 | Humanities - Room 116C

Gaming Club

For students to socialize and have fun while playing a variety of games (from board games to video games).

Jeff Scott
857-6269 | Business Science - Room 222

Geology Club

Studies geology in an environment outside the classroom, including field trips and seminars.

Faculty Sponsor:
Dr. Anna Balog-Szabo
857-7222 | Fralin Center - Room 318

Health Professions Club

To promote health awareness and to bridge the gap between health professions.

Faculty Sponsor:
Colleen M. Hailey
857-6284 | Fralin Center - Room 118

Help Save the Next Girl Chapter

Spread awareness, and provide education and prevention related to violence against women. Helps missing people and their families, when needed.

Faculty Sponsors:
Sheri Meixner
857-6711 | Student Center - Room S207

Horticulture Club

Fosters opportunities for horticulture students to assume professional responsibilities that reflect current developments and opportunities in the horticulture industry. Open to all students.

Faculty Sponsor:
Clark BeCraft
857-6388 | Greenhouses

Human Rights Club

To make the Virginia Western community more aware of discrimination and to create a safe and accepting environment for those who feel discriminated against.

Faculty Sponsors:
Ivan Guajardo
857-6358 | Anderson Hall - Room 121
Martha Gilchrist
857-6352 | Duncan Hall - Room 100

International Student Club

Bringing US and International students, staff and faculty together to learn from one another about different cultures.

Faculty Sponsors:
Anna Balog-Szabo
857-7222 | Fralin Center - Room 318

Annie Woodford
857-6726 | Anderson Hall - Room 119

Christopher Bacco
George Studtmann
Dan Brokaw

Justice Club

A social, service and academic organization for those in Virginia Western's Administration of Justice program. The program and club aid those seeking careers or advancement in law enforcement, security, law, corrections or juvenile justice.

Faculty Sponsor:
Keith Johnson
857-6277 | Duncan Hall - Room 105B

Literary Composition Club

Gives students the opportunity to gather, discuss, and publish literary works into a magazine.

Faculty Sponsor:
Annie Woodford
857-6726 | Anderson Hall - Room 119

Madison Society

A political science, oratory and debate society that promotes self-expression. The club hosts an on-campus debate each semester.

Faculty Sponsors:
Allen Trigger
857-7276 | Duncan Hall - Room 100

Math Club

Exploring the field of mathematics.

Joshua Shelor
857-7288 | Anderson Hall - Room 214

Music Club

Play and learn music as a group. Plan open mic events or concerts.

Valerie Brugh

Nursing Club

Provides opportunities for continuing personal and professional growth through community service, mentoring, and collegiality among students. The Nursing Club is also responsible for planning, fundraising and organizing the pinning ceremony for the graduating class. For students currently enrolled in Virginia Western's Registered Nursing (RN) program.

Faculty Sponsor:
Sherri Lambert
857-6692 | Fralin Center - Room 330

Nutrition Club

Introduces students to the profession of dietetics and nutrition. Supports fitness center in nutrition education.

Faculty Sponsor:
Lisa Holt

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club exists to  promote philosophical reflection, engages anyone in meaningful philosophical discussion, and help others help themselves live the examined life that Socrates thought worthwhile living.

Faculty Sponsor:
Ivan Guajardo
857-6358 | Anderson Hall - Room 121

P.C.S.: Pop Culture Shock

To enlighten people on Japanese and Korean pop culture and J-pop/K-pop dance and music. The group works on 3-4 different dances during the semester.

Valerie Brugh

Practical Nursing Student Association

Promotes activities and professional recognition among LPN Students at Virginia Western.

Faculty Sponsor:
Melanie Moore
857-7273 | Fralin Center - Room 221

Pre PA Club

For VWCC Students who are interested in applying to a Physician’s Assistant program. The club will meet to discuss the application process, perform mock interviews, and talking with current PA students and/or PA-CS.

Amy White
857-6302 | Fralin Center - Room 316

Psychology Club

Provides social, academic and service opportunities for students interested in psychology. Psi Beta (see Honors Societies) is a national psychology honors society for students in 2-year colleges. You do not have to be a member of Psi Beta to be a member of the Psychology Club.

Faculty Sponsor:
Lora Vasiliauskas
857-6410 | Duncan Hall - Room 112A

Radiographers Club

Promotes interest in the profession of radiological technology. Enhances student work environments and educational activities.

Faculty Sponsors:
Susan Nolley
857-6197 | Fralin Center - Room 227

Rapids Raquetball Club

Gives students the opportunity to play and learn racquetball within the collegiate environment.

Faculty Sponsors:
Dan Horine
857-6110 | Webber Hall - Room 109

See You at the Pole Prayer and Bible Study

Meeting once a week to encourage each other and to grow in our daily walks with the Lord. All current students are welcome to come.

Faculty Sponsor:
Joshua Shelor
857-7288 | Anderson Hall - Room 214

Student Ambassadors

Being a student ambassador is a fun and rewarding way to serve Virginia Western and get a scholarship at the same time! Ambassadors provide campus service by giving group tours and staffing special events.

Faculty Sponsor:
Allison Dooley
857-6953 | Chapman Hall - Room 112

Student Council

The Student Council at Virginia Western is the primary organization that represents the interests of all students. The council shall provide a meeting place for communication of information, generating new ideas, sharing opinions, providing education and encouraging collaboration among students, faculty and staff. The Student Council meets monthly and is open to all Virginia Western students!

Faculty Sponsor:
Natasha Lee
857-6326 | Thomas Center - Room 208

Virginia Western Community Action Network (VWCAN)

Promotes community involvement and volunteering opportunities.

Faculty Sponsor:
Dr. Annemarie Carroll
857-6178 | Duncan Hall - Room 112B

Faculty Sponsor:
Martin Abajace
857-6105 | Duncan Hall - Room D105-B

VWCC Motorsports

Supports the Mini Baja Team.

Click here to visit the VWCC Motorsports website

Faculty Sponsor:
Gary Young and Dan Horine
857-6181 | Webber Hall - Room 119

VWCC Outdoors

Promote and foster outdoor adventure activities for the Virginia Western student body.

Faculty Sponsor:
Aubrey (Rick) Wolfe

Women in STEM Club

To provide support, educational and professional resources to Virginia Western women in STEM programs.

Yvonne Campbell
857-6099 | Anderson 114B

Heather Butler
857-6815 | Fralin Center 312


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