Applying For Graduation Online

To apply for graduation, students will log into their MyVWCC account, click on Student Information System, click on Student Center, then click on Apply for Graduation.

grad apply 1

Verify all information on screen is correct. If not, you will need to complete a Notification of Change form and submit to the Enrollment Center, Chapman Hall, Room 108.

Click on Proceed With Making Application

grad apply 2

Select Institution. (Student may have multiple institutions listed here. Need to select VW286 Va Western Community College.)

grad apply 3

Select Term
(The only term available will be for the current term. The exception will be during the time both the spring and summer application is "turned on" to accommodate summer students wanting to participate in the Commencement Ceremony. The student will need to select the correct term in which they are applying to graduate.)

grad apply 4

Click Continue. (All of the current plans a student is enrolled in will appear.)

grad apply 5

Select any plans for which you are graduating from this term. In this example, the student is only graduating from one of their current plans.

grad apply 6

If this student was planning on graduating from both plans, both boxes would be checked.

grad apply 7

If the plan you wish to graduate from is not listed above, and you check this box and enter the plan you want to graduate in, you MUST complete a Program/Plan Change form and submit it to your faculty advisor, program advisor, or through the enrollment center in Chapman Hall.

grad apply 8

Please remember you will be able to complete the graduation application – but it will NOT be processed until you submit the Program/Plan Change form.

grad apply 9

The name that showed at the top of the graduation application is the name that will print on your diploma. Changing the information here will NOT reflect on your diploma. If this is not your current LEGAL name, you will need to submit a Notification of Change form through the Enrollment Center in Chapman Hall.

grad apply 10

Check all that apply.

grad apply 11

Check the I Agree box if you are ready to submit your application. (Once you complete this step, the application will be submitted and no changes can be made. If you realize there is a mistake on your application, you will need to come to Chapman Hall and ask to speak to a Records representative).

Then click Submit.

grad apply 12

Your confirmation page appears:

grad apply 13

Should you have not met your requirements for graduation, your faculty or program advisor will contact you. After the deadline to apply for graduation has passed, you will receive an email through your student email account with detailed information regarding cap & gown pickup, the graduation ceremony, and diploma pickup.