Creating Office Hours in SAILS

Instructors, Faculty Advisors, & Advisors

  1. Sign in to MyVWCC by clicking on the Login to MyVWCC link on the left of this screen or the MyVWCC link on the Virginia Western homepage.
  2. Click SAILS.
  3. Select Add Office Hours.

    Add Office Hours
  4. Enter a title for these hours.  The default is Office Hour, but you can change the text to use whatever title for these hours that you would like.

    Enter Title
  5. Using the drop down boxes, select the frequency of these hours.

    Select Frequency
  6. Select the days of the week for these hours.  Then type-in the start and end time.

    Select Day and Time
  7. Check the box next to the location for these hours.  The available locations come from the locations you set up in your Appointment Preferences.

    Select Location
  8. Use the drop down menu to establish this time as being available for scheduled appointments only, walk-in appointments only, or both.

    Set Appointment Type
  9. If you select to allow scheduled appointments, use the drop down menus to specify a minimum and maximum appointment length.

    Set Appointment Length
  10. Select the types of meetings you will allow during these hours.  ONLY SELECT TYPES THAT BEGIN WITH VWCC.  Instructors should use the VWCC- Instructor Meeting appointment type.  Faculty Advisors should use the VWCC- Faculty Advising and/or VWCC- Instructor Meeting appointment type.

    Select Type of Meeting
  11. Enter any instructions you would like to be emailed to anyone who schedules this type of appointment (optional).

    Optional Instructions
  12. Select the Start/End Date tab if you would like to specify a start and end date for these office hours. Selecting End of Term will end these office hours on the last date of the semester.

    Set Start & End Date
  13. Select Submit to save these office hours.
  14. Repeat the preceding steps to add additional blocks of office hours.
  15. To view your Office Hours, select the downward-facing arrow next to Appointments.  Selecting View Agenda will display your upcoming appointments, office hours, and group sessions on your calendar. 

    View Hours
  16. View Day will show you your office hour schedule for a particular day.

    View Day
  17. View Week will show you your office hour schedule for a particular week.

    View Week
  18. If you would like to reserve time on your calendar to denote it as unavailable for a particular reason, select Reserve Time.

    Reserve Time
  19. Add a description to display for the time you need to reserve, then select the date and time.  If this is something that will repeat regularly, you can select the check box next to "Repeat Weekly Until" and select an end date.

    Reserved Time Description
  20. Select Submit to save.