Email Summary Instructions

Faculty Advisors, & Advisors

1. You will receive an email indicating which of your assigned advisees have had a flag or kudo raised or cleared since your previous notification. These notifications will only include information about your assigned advisees. You can manage the time of day and frequency you receive this email through your Email Notifications in SAILS.

2. Your email includes a bulleted summary at the top.

Recent Tracking Item Summary: Wednesday, September 19, 2017
4 flags included in this summary.

  • Raised Flag: In Danger of Failing for John Smith
  • Raised Flag: Attendance Concern for Jane Doe
  • Raised Flag:
  • Cleared Flag: General Concern for Jennifer James

3. Below the summary, you will see expanded details for all of the raised and cleared items. The description gives you information about why someone would raise this particular flag. The course context indicates for which class the flag has been raised.

NOTE: Pay close attention to the college identifier in the course context (highlighted below); VW286 indicates Virginia Western courses. Sometimes you will see flag activity for students who are still active at Virginia Western, but are now enrolled at another college. As faculty advisors, you will only work with flags in identified loss point coursework at Virginia Western

An In Danger of Failing flag has been raised by Sue Walters for John Smith- 1234567.

Flag Details

Student: John Smith- 1234567
Flag Name: In Danger of Failing
Category: Academic
Description: Raise this flag if a student is in danger of failing your class and requires immediate intervention.
Raised By: Sue Walters
Course Context: Introduction to Business – VW286.BUS 100.11.FA17
Raised On: 9/19/2017
Raise Notes: You are in danger of failing this course because you did not turn-in the first two required assignments. Please visit me during office hours to discuss your progress.

4. It is your responsibility to contact your assigned advisees who have had a flag raised in a loss point course for your program. You may select the most effective modality for this contact (phone call, email, etc.), just remember the purpose of the contact is to provide an advising intervention to support the student in experiencing success in the course, if at all possible. Deadlines for contact are established each semester (below).

Initial Progress Surveys
Initial Progress Surveys Open for Instructors: Monday, September 18, 2017
Initial Progress Surveys Close for Instructors: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Deadline for Faculty Advisors to initiate contact with advisees who have initial flags in loss point classes: Friday, October 6, 2017

Midterm Progress Surveys
Midterm Progress Surveys Open for Instructors: Monday, October 9, 2017
Midterm Progress Surveys Close for Instructors: Thursday, October 12, 2017
Deadline for Faculty Advisors to initiate contact with advisees who have midterm flags in loss point classes: Thursday, October 26, 2017

5. You can obtain contact information for your assigned advisees by viewing their folder in SAILS or accessing your list of assigned advisees in your Faculty Center in the Student Information System. Once you have established contact with the student regarding the issues in the course, close the flag and add a close the loop comment. This will send a notification to instructor who raised the flag that includes your comments.