Set Preferences for Email Notifications in SAILS

Faculty Advisors, Limited Staff in Advising Roles

  1. Sign in to MyVWCC by clicking on the Login to MyVWCC link on the left of this screen or the MyVWCC link on the Virginia Western homepage.
  2. Click SAILS.
  3. Click the downward facing arrow in the upper-right hand corner next to your name. This will display a menu of options. Select Email Notifications.

    Select Email Notifications
  4. Identify your preferences for emails related to student appointments. You can choose whether or not you want to receive planning reminders of upcoming student appointments by clicking the appropriate radial. If you choose to receive these reminders, you can dictate the frequency.

    Identify Preferences
  5. Click the box next to Appointment Alerts if you want to receive alerts prior to the start of a scheduled appointment. You can dictate the timing of this reminder by clicking the drop down box.

    Appointment Alerts
  6. Check the appropriate box if you would like to receive an email with a calendar attachment for changes to appointments and/or changes to Office Hours/Group Sessions.

    Calendar Attachment
  7. Faculty Advisors and selected staff who receive Summary Emails of Tracking Item activity (Flags, Kudos and Referrals) can dictate frequency (daily or weekly) and timing of this email.

    Email Frequency
  8. Disregard the section about Flag Rules. Select Submit to save your preferences.

    Select Submit