Set Appointment Preferences in SAILS

Instructors, Faculty Advisors, & Advisors

  1. Sign in to MyVWCC by clicking on the Login to MyVWCC link on the left of this screen or the MyVWCC link on the Virginia Western homepage.
  2. Click SAILS.
  3. Click the downward facing arrow in the upper-right hand corner next to your name. This will display a menu of options. Select Appointment Preferences.

    Select Appointment Preferences
  4. Select the drop down box next to Minimum Appointment Length to identify the shortest amount of time you will allow for a scheduled appointment. This can be changed when you add a block of office hours.

    Set Minimum Length
  5. Select the appropriate radial to specify a daily deadline by which students must schedule appointments. For example, if you want to preclude students from scheduling an appointment after 2:00pm the day before your office hours, you would make the selections as show below. Select "None" if you do not want to specify a deadline.

    Set Deadline
  6. Add the information for the locations where you will meet with students by selecting the green Add Location sign under My Locations.

    Add Location
  7. Select a Location Type. You can use this type to denote if an appointment will be in an office, over the phone, online or elsewhere.

    Set Location Type
  8. Add the Name of your location (Ex: Chapman Hall Room 110). Type-in any instructions a student may need to know about meeting you in this location.

    Add Location Name
  9. Select Save to add this location.
  10. This location will be added to your list of appointment locations. If you need to edit an existing location, you can select the pencil. If you need to delete a location, you can click the gray circle with the X.

    Edit Location
  11. You do not need to identify a calendar manager. Click Submit to save.

  12. You will receive a message that your appointment preferences have been updated.