Raise Flags & Kudos (Tracking Items) in SAILS

Instructors, Faculty Advisors, & Advisors

  1. Sign in to MyVWCC by clicking on the Login to MyVWCC link on the left of this screen or the MyVWCC link on the Virginia Western homepage.
  2. Click SAILS.
  3. Click the Students tab in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. From the Students tab, you can search for a student by Name or Connection. Searching by Connection allows you to view a group of students based on your relationship with them in SAILS. For example, an instructor can get a list of students enrolled in a course or a Faculty Advisor can get a list of his or her assigned advisees.

    Search by Name or Connection
  5. Select the student(s) who need a Flag or Kudo.
  6. Once the student's name has been selected, select the Flag or Kudos icon.

    Select Flag or Kudos Icon
  7. After selecting Flag or Kudos, a box will appear asking for additional information related to the Tracking Item. Select the specific Flag or Kudo you need to raise for the student from the drop down box. The Flags available to you depend on your role and relationship with the student (Instructor - All Flags; Faculty Advisor & Advisor - Only General Concern Flags)

    Select Flag or Kudos
    NOTE: All information in SAILS can be disclosed under FERPA.
  8. Once you have selected the Flag or Kudo, you can select a Course Context if this tracking item pertains to a particular class.
  9. Add a comment to the Flag or Kudo if there is additional information you would like to communicate to the student. NOTE: Comments added when raising a Flag or Kudo are included in the email to the student. Draft them as though you are speaking to the student.

    Add Comment
  10. Select Save to raise the Flag or Kudo for the student. An email including any comments you added to the Tracking item will be sent to the student (except Concern Flag).

    Submit the Tracking Item
  11. Best Practice: Please avoid raising multiple Flags for one student, as the student will receive an email from you for each Flag. Raise one Flag and address secondary concerns through a comment added to the Flag. For example, a student may be in danger of failing because they have poor attendance. Instead of raising the In Danger of Failing Flag and the Attendance Concern Flag, raise In Danger of Failing and address attendance issues through your comments.
  12. To view the emails sent to students with Flags and Kudos, click here.