Survival Guide In Use


MyVWCC is your central source for accessing essential faculty and student information at your convenience. As a faculty member you have the ability to handle a variety of tasks; including accessing your class rosters, viewing your teaching schedule, entering grades, and managing your personal information.

By using one logon and password, you have a common point of entry for accessing Blackboard, your VCCS email account, and the Student Information System. Sign in and get started by clicking the Login to MyVWCC link in the menu on the left.

Students may access MyVWCC tutorials by using the Student Tutorials link.

Need help? Contact the Help Desk at 540-857-7354, try the Live Help Desk Chat, or complete an online request for help. For class and grade roster assistance, contact your division office or the Records Office at 540-857-7236. Questions may also be referred to the Admissions Office at 540-857-7231.


  • IET recommends using Firefox for Blackboard.  All other online services should be accessed with Internet Explorer.
  • Faculty must print a copy of their class roster prior to each class meeting throughout the add/drop period and at least once a week thereafter to ensure that each student attending the class is registered.
  • Faculty are required to report no-show students to their division office. Each semester, faculty will receive notification of no-show reporting deadlines and a printed copy of their class rosters for reporting no-show students.
  • Faculty must submit attendance certifications to their division office to confirm that students are continuing to attend their classes.  A student who stops attending class prior to the withdrawal deadline must be withdrawn from class.  Each semester, faculty will receive notification of the deadline for reporting students who have ceased attendance or participation.

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